Saturday, June 19, 2010

El Paso Police Roll Out M4 Rifles For Officers

EL PASO, Texas -- El Paso police officers have started training with new their new M4 semiautomatic rifles that were ordered back in January...All officers will be issued a new rifle and undergo a two day training process to learn the weapon, including how to load, clean and of course shoot it...El Paso police officials said they made the $800,000 purchase to better equip their officers for different situations. Police said the decision to use the rifles will come on a case by case basis. About 1,200 rifles were ordered...
Full story & video here @ KFOXTV
Media incompetence strikes again, with a totally firearms ignorant "reporter" running his mouth about "bigger and stronger", & "big bullets" in reference to these smallbore .22 caliber center-fire rifles, which anyone familiar with firearms understands are on the smaller side of ammunition size, far from "big" in any way (not to mention that "carbine" is synonymous with a smaller, shorter rifle to begin with!). He poses smarmily with an unloaded carbine and refers to these as "semiautomatic", so we have to assume these are not true military "M-4" carbines, which are full-automatic/machinegun capable, but "civilian" clones of the M-4 (i.e. The same firearms anti-gun nuts & politicians intentionally lie about and "confuse" with machineguns to (wrongly) justify banning them for "civilian" possession)...(S9)

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