Monday, June 21, 2010

Finland rejects ban on semi-automatic weapons

HELSINKI - Finland will not impose a full ban on semi-automatic weapons, the interior minister said Monday, rejecting an inquiry commission proposal following two deadly school shootings. "I will not take this proposal forward as it is," Interior Minister Anne Holmlund told national broadcaster YLE..."I don't really believe that the banning of one approach in weapons would be the way to ensure massacres are prevented," she said, adding several different actions were needed, including giving police wider access to information about gun licence applicants...Finland's parliament is currently debating a new gun law, and the so-called Kauhajoki inquiry commission had asked Holmlund to back its proposal for a total ban on semi-automatic handguns in the new legislation...
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It is good to see cooler heads prevail in Finland, despite emotionalst browbeating, and not falling into the same trap as U.K., Australia, etc., where shootings were cynically used as mass mind-control to enable banning firearms to absolutely no practical effect on criminal behavior (witness the recent spree murders in U.K.), but maximum effect on the law-abiding's ability to defend themselves against armed criminal action...(S9)

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