Tuesday, June 1, 2010

California Tyranny: Open carry bill advances

...the California Assembly passed a bill Tuesday that would make it illegal to openly carry a gun in public, even if it is unloaded.
The bill would make it a misdemeanor to carry an exposed handgun on any public street or in a public place. The bill passed on a 41-25 party-line vote and now moves to the Senate.
Under current California law, gun owners can carry a rifle or handgun in a holster in public if it is unloaded...
this media biased article is here...
This was never an issue until a few Tea-Party activists arrived at gatherings with unloaded slung semi-auto rifles and/or holstered handguns. This is simply and purely a leftist direct attack against 2nd Amendment activists, the fact that they are using legislation to persecute law-abiding citizens is the very definition of tyranny! The opressed will not soon forget...(S9)

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