Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another example:How Firearms end up on the Black Market (England UK)

Training rifles stolen in Lowestoft - Four training rifles were stolen from a storage area at the Pakefield Rifle Range in London Road, Gisleham, near Lowestoft...The rifles, which have had their firing pins removed, were stolen along with four empty magazines, rifle cleaning kits and 40 drill rounds which police have been told are hollow and will not fire...
Report at EDP 24 News
What is unsaid: Training rifles for the support of the government monopoly on force, since UK subjects are prohibited from owning semi-automatic rifles. If your weapons are required (under threat of prison) to be stored in a public place, those that care nothing about "gun control laws/gun bans" know just where to go get them, don't they?...British gun policy is utopian stupidity at it's most blatant and dangerous...(S9)

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