Thursday, February 21, 2013

$100,000 Anti-Gun Propaganda Blitz By Obama Former Campaign Machine Launches Fight against Pro-Liberty Lawmakers/NRA & 2nd Amendment Defenders

Propaganda War!. In the name of banning firearms and RKBA to law-abiding North Americans, The new Commissar Red Star Propaganda Corps march forward to bend weak minds and spines to their will....Stalin (and Himmler) would be proud their doctrines continue to destroy, in the belly of "Capitalism"...(S9)
More than a dozen lawmakers who oppose President Barack Obama's plan...are to be targeted in a series of online advertising as part of a national day of action...
Organizing for Action, the successor group to Obama’s campaign backers, plans to spend up to $100,000 on the campaign, and the national day of action marks the first test of the group's ability to mobilize the president's 2.2 million campaign volunteers to push for legislative expects thousands of people to participate in the events, which will include vigils, letter-writing campaigns, and news conferences... OFA is organized as a social welfare organization under the U.S. Tax Code, and marks the first time a president has established such a group, as usually, his party's national committee works to support agenda items....
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Video - U.S. DOJ: "Mandatory Confiscation" needed for Semi-Auto Ban/Gun Control to work

When you hear again that "Nobody wants to take your guns", remember that the U.S. DOJ has already studied the issue and this is the result. Also take notice of the State level confiscation bills being introduced, all with nearly identical language. Do not think this is accidental either...(S9)

Video and full article is HERE

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Minnesota Democrats pushing gun confiscation bill similar to Missouri's

This is the new template for individual states, the latest tactic cooked up by the Democrat anti-gun liberty haters, based on the California model. California's Democrat "Super-Majority" is also floating gun confiscation of a specific kind: They have already confiscated previously registered guns (Specifically Simonov pattern Carbines capable of using detachable magazines. See the video posted on the sidebar of this blog!). Now they want all firearms that accept detachable mags banned/confiscated, which is 99.5% of ALL firearms in existence!...Here we see the REAL intent behind the resurfacing of all these old anti-gun bills: Total Confiscation!.  The very thing the Pro-Gun forces have warned of and fought against for years!.  In New York, the Democrats "begged" that their confiscation bill not be revealed to the public, particularly in wake of the flawed anti-gun package arm-twisted by Governor "CuoM-ussolini". Now we see Missouri and Minnesota  following suit, willingly goose-stepping into crushing the people and Constitution they have sworn a sacred oath to serve. Politically incorrect comment ahead: Those who are Godless heathen communist lovers consider taking an oath under God null and void. They laugh when they take that oath, knowing it is a doorway to their psychopathic voyage to power over the people!.  One thing this latest propaganda war against guns & gun-owners has shown: The naked face of tyranny the Maoist/Alinsky radical socialists hiding in suits has in for the "little people"...Registration, confiscation, extermination: The same old formula after declaring gun owners, via media propaganda, such as we see happening now,  De Facto "enemies of the state"...(S9)
The measure uses language that is almost identical to the Missouri proposal, including a requirement that law-abiding gun owners relinquish their so-called "assault" weapons...

anyone who, on February 1, 2013, legally owns or is in possession of an assault weapon has until September 1, 2013, to do any of the following without being subject to prosecution under Minnesota Statutes, section 624.7133:
  1. remove the weapon from the state;
  2. surrender the weapon to a law enforcement agency for destruction;
  3. render the weapon permanently inoperable; or
  4. if eligible, register the weapon as provided in Minnesota Statutes, section 624.7133, subdivision 5.
The rule would also apply to anyone who receives the weapon as an inheritance.
Anyone who owns a gun classified as an "assault weapon" prior to the Feb. 1, 2013 cutoff may keep the weapon provided that the owner registers it, submits to a background check, keeps the weapon locked up and submits to an inspection by authorities. Owners of such weapons would be required to renew the registration annually....
One more thing, very significant in this context: "Democrats walked out of a hearing when two firearms experts appeared to explain that the proposal "would outlaw only a gun’s cosmetic features while not affecting the functionality of the firearms"...
Full Story can be found HERE

Friday, February 15, 2013

Media Bias/Mind Control: ABC, CBS, NBC Slant 8 to 1 for Anti-Gun Crusade

The liberal media believe that if they dictate what the public hears, they can frame public opinion on almost any issue. Just look at how they are going after your Second Amendment rights...

The results show staggering imbalance:

    ■ Stories advocating more gun control outnumbered stories opposing gun control by 99 to 12, or a ratio of 8 to 1.
    ■ Anti-gun soundbites were aired almost twice as frequently than pro-gun ones (228 to 134).
    ■ Gun control advocates appeared as guests on 26 occasions, compared to 7 times for gun rights advocates.

CBS was the most stridently anti-gun rights network. By a whopping 22 to 1 ratio, CBS aired more stories that favored gun control (44) to those that supported gun rights (2), with 37 neutral pieces. ABC aired almost six times as many stories that favored gun control (29) to those that favored gun rights, with 25 neutral stories. NBC pushed for more gun control in 26 of their stories to just 5 that tilted in favor of gun rights for a 5 to 1 ratio, with 43 neutral segments...When it came to spokesmen, viewers were far more likely to hear from gun control advocates like liberal New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg than gun rights supporters like NRA President David Keene. Anti-gun soundbites were aired almost twice as frequently than pro-gun ones (228 to 134), while 104 soundbites were neutral. Gun control advocates appeared as guests on 26 occasions, compared to 7 times for gun rights advocates...
See full report HERE

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Video: CNN Anti-Semi-Auto HitJob Via "Nugent to Attend 2013 SOTU Address"

*CNN Strikes Again*
HEAVILY edited audio and video, strung together to make him look as bad as possible, coupled with studied insolent (carefully written) commentary (such as the "fanatical face of the NRA" comment, and many others, so many they are like a flood here), all topped off with the appeal of (firearms ignorant) beautiful women (visual seduction to the viewer. The Eastern Bloc Communists knew the power of the "Honey Trap" and this is merely an extension of that tactic) to enforce the basic anti-gun message. This is CNN for xxx's sake. Showing the goodwill to invite them on board is where being a nice guy has no benefit except to say you gave it the old college try, because your input, now in their control, will be edited to portray the content as negatively as possible. Again, despicable media BIAS continues to exploit the ignorant gullible fools in our midst when it comes to firearms in general and semi-autos in particular. Snobbish Bi-Coastal Liberal Buffoons, most too ignorant to even acknowledge the Marxist elements of their anti-American/anti-Firearms bankrupt  "philosophy", and too blind to see how they wear the shoes of the tyrant. This poisonous "philosophy", to succeed, demands the use of force. The masterminds know this, and also know they will not be the one's who have to die to enforce it. The cadavers are stacking up by the tens of thousands worldwide where the unarmed attempt to free themselves from Tyranny right NOW in 2013. The genius of our American Founding Fathers is that they saw this principle is eternal, and enacted a guardianship to reinforce that eventuality. The useful idiots (the "Reporters", "Writers", "Bi-Coastal elitists", etc) will be the most shocked and befuddled, as when the railroad cars arrived in a previous generation, and the armed uniformed men said "get in".  They will then realize: Too late, what they have wrought...(S9)

Thanks to "" for archiving this slab of media biased propaganda, which can be useful to film students as an example on how to edit footage for the most biased effect...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bloomberg $$ fund "Ex-NFL greats" TV Ad in blatant pandering to the gullible

Mayor "Ban sodas drinks, salt, French Fries, the National Guard, etc" continues throwing his deep pocket ca$h out there to influence the hicks, spineless and knuckleheads to bow at his feet and embrace his soft tyranny. One thing that really fries my eggs is when, in particular,  Black Americans (who should know better!) cower with nauseous subservience and publicly say "Our Leaders" need to "Do Something"..."Leaders" are not Gods or Royalty here in the USA, they are employees, that often need to be reminded of that fact, especially as of late, and these easily manipulated millionaire Hollywood and sports hypocrites need to be "Line-Item Vetoed" by every Liberty Loving American as persons you will NOT support in any project they are associated with (and,YES, I refused to see "Django" on it's opening day because I saw Bloombergs initial ad, which can be found on this blog under "Hollywood Hypocrites) .   They disgust me and shame me, for not knowing their history and supporting the most un-American of behaviors possible(!!!). As a certain good looking blonde said: "Shut up and sing"...Or risk being remembered by those you have offended that are NOT fools...(S9)
NFL greats Emmitt Smith, Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin, LaDainian Tomlinson and Marshall Faulk are appearing in a public service announcement in favor of gun law reforms...A solemn Smith speaks into the camera: “For the children of Sandy Hook Elementary.” Then Tomlinson adds, “Demand a plan.”
Faulk says later: “It’s time for our leaders to do something.”...
Full report HERE , but you may want to pass looking at this without a bag to throw up your guts into...

California Tyranny: Swarm of Gun Confiscation & Anti-Gun Bills Proposed

The war continues in the States (Here in California - Where Magazine fed firearms are to be turned into de facto single shot muskets if the enemy has their way), as copycat gun-confiscation socialist Fat Cats go after semi-autos and any other firearms (and owners) they can demonize, under the cover of a biased media and supported by the hidden cash of the Bloomberg/Soros & Obama's election machine's new mission as his anti-gun/NRA/anti-gun owner propaganda cartel: The Ministry of Mind-Control over the gullible..Unfortunately, most people have no idea how oppressed California gun owners are, but are starting to get the idea since Feinstien's new Federal gun ban got in their face. Welcome to our world, and look, it is never enough, they want even more tyranny!!!  Read on: .(S9)
Under the sweeping gun control bills introduced by state Senate Democrats, all semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines would be banned, all guns would be registered and gun owners would need a special permit just to buy ammunition.
The proposals appear to be even more draconian than New York’s recent gun control legislation, considered to be the toughest in the nation...The 10-bill package constitutes the single largest gun control push in decades in the Golden State, which already boasts some of the nation’s strictest gun laws. It joins equally controversial proposals from Assembly Democrats that would regulate and tax ammunition sales and consider taking the state’s 166,000 registered assault weapons from their owners...State Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento)...defended the huge gun control package, saying “California’s tough gun laws have been exploited long enough.”...
However, pro-gun advocates argue that the bills are unconstitutional and infringe on the Second Amendment. “[A]lmost every item in the proposal is wildly unconstitutional,” said Gene Hoffman of Redwood City, co-founder and chairman of the Calguns Foundation gun rights group. He also said the state’s overreach may “accelerate the speed at which the Supreme Court takes these ideas off the table...
Full article is HERE
A line-up of panty-waist treasonous politicians California is saddled with, who routinely betray the oath to uphold a State and Federal Constitution they do not respect. They are the worst kind of elitist Democratic grand-standers. Villagarosa, Sternberg, Yee, and Lee.  They are Firearms ignorant Poltroons, unethical cowards, and disgraces to public office that make California a laughing stock. (Not a micro-gram of Testosterone in the entire bunch!). In an earlier time, they would be physically dragged down the capitol steps, tarred, feathered and run out of Sacramento on a rail. Today, they bank on bread and circuses with phony stage managed events as pictured above, who only dazzle the ignorant and spineless, the same "Stockholm Syndrome" leeches who vote for them. Bottom line?. Never forget: A tyrant in a silk tie and $3000.00 suit is still a tyrant...[Photo Credit: AP]

"New" Mexico trys to outdo "New" York with "NEW" Anti-Gun legislation

The war continues in the States (Here New Mexico), as copycat gun-confiscation socialist Fat Cats go after semi-autos and any other firearms (and owners) they can demonize, under the cover of a biased media and supported by the hidden cash of the Bloomberg/Soros & Obama's election machine's new mission as his anti-gun/NRA/anti-gun owner propaganda cartel: The Ministry of Mind-Control over the gullible...(S9)
Democrats and Anti's in New Mexico are acting now as they try to outdo the travesty that occurred with Gov. Cuomo signing the MOST egregious trampling of the 2nd Amendment our country has ever seen.
Now like little children, the New Mexico legislature is trying to "out do" what New York did almost as if for bragging rights!!
The outpouring of support AGAINST Albuquerque, NM Rep Miguel Garcia's (D) misguided proposals were a great indication as to the outrage of lawmaker's failure to understand or accept the fact that the 2nd Amendment is a RIGHT not a Privledge (SIC) for law abiding citizens in New Mexico!...
Full Post is HERE

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Don't infringe on Second Amendment!: Bruce Willis

*Hands full of semi-automatic pistol*
Bruce Willis says he's against new gun control laws that could infringe on Second Amendment rights...(he) also dismisses any link between Hollywood shootouts and real-life gun violence."I think that you can't start to pick apart anything out of the Bill of Rights without thinking that it's all going to become undone"... ''If you take one out or change one law, then why wouldn't they take all your rights away from you?"...
he doesn't see how additional legislation could prevent future mass shootings.
"It's a difficult thing and I really feel bad for those families," he said. "I'm a father and it's just a tragedy. But I don't know how you legislate insanity...
Full AP report HERE

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bloomberg $$ for Super-Bowl Anti-NRA/Gun Ads:Media Omits Facts, supporting gun-ban agenda

*Super Bowl = Mind Control Opportunity*
Anti-Gun Fanatic Bloomberg, who finances the "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" front group, is behind an Anti-Gun/NRA ad push for the Super Bowl TV broadcasts. No Media outlet is exposing this connection, (that I have seen so far), rather the media are actively attacking the NRA and their spokes-persons while "Spiking" this part of the story!!. As usual, the biased media are supporting the anti-gun agenda of their Elitist Fat-Cat Millionaire masters (and Hollywood Hypocrites), like the simpering lap dogs they are. How much influence this propaganda push will have on the Super-Bowl crowd remains to be seen, but the bottom line here is that the viewers are being lied to out of the gate, by not knowing who is really behind the ad and the agenda they are being fed. Lies, misinformation and bias have always been what the anti-gun fanatics and their media running dogs have been about and, unfortunately, continue to do so with impunity, subtly brainwashing the gullible "can't think for themselves" part of the public using lowdown dirty tactics and laughing about how they get away with it... (S9)