Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bloomberg $$ for Super-Bowl Anti-NRA/Gun Ads:Media Omits Facts, supporting gun-ban agenda

*Super Bowl = Mind Control Opportunity*
Anti-Gun Fanatic Bloomberg, who finances the "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" front group, is behind an Anti-Gun/NRA ad push for the Super Bowl TV broadcasts. No Media outlet is exposing this connection, (that I have seen so far), rather the media are actively attacking the NRA and their spokes-persons while "Spiking" this part of the story!!. As usual, the biased media are supporting the anti-gun agenda of their Elitist Fat-Cat Millionaire masters (and Hollywood Hypocrites), like the simpering lap dogs they are. How much influence this propaganda push will have on the Super-Bowl crowd remains to be seen, but the bottom line here is that the viewers are being lied to out of the gate, by not knowing who is really behind the ad and the agenda they are being fed. Lies, misinformation and bias have always been what the anti-gun fanatics and their media running dogs have been about and, unfortunately, continue to do so with impunity, subtly brainwashing the gullible "can't think for themselves" part of the public using lowdown dirty tactics and laughing about how they get away with it... (S9)

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