Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Video: CNN Anti-Semi-Auto HitJob Via "Nugent to Attend 2013 SOTU Address"

*CNN Strikes Again*
HEAVILY edited audio and video, strung together to make him look as bad as possible, coupled with studied insolent (carefully written) commentary (such as the "fanatical face of the NRA" comment, and many others, so many they are like a flood here), all topped off with the appeal of (firearms ignorant) beautiful women (visual seduction to the viewer. The Eastern Bloc Communists knew the power of the "Honey Trap" and this is merely an extension of that tactic) to enforce the basic anti-gun message. This is CNN for xxx's sake. Showing the goodwill to invite them on board is where being a nice guy has no benefit except to say you gave it the old college try, because your input, now in their control, will be edited to portray the content as negatively as possible. Again, despicable media BIAS continues to exploit the ignorant gullible fools in our midst when it comes to firearms in general and semi-autos in particular. Snobbish Bi-Coastal Liberal Buffoons, most too ignorant to even acknowledge the Marxist elements of their anti-American/anti-Firearms bankrupt  "philosophy", and too blind to see how they wear the shoes of the tyrant. This poisonous "philosophy", to succeed, demands the use of force. The masterminds know this, and also know they will not be the one's who have to die to enforce it. The cadavers are stacking up by the tens of thousands worldwide where the unarmed attempt to free themselves from Tyranny right NOW in 2013. The genius of our American Founding Fathers is that they saw this principle is eternal, and enacted a guardianship to reinforce that eventuality. The useful idiots (the "Reporters", "Writers", "Bi-Coastal elitists", etc) will be the most shocked and befuddled, as when the railroad cars arrived in a previous generation, and the armed uniformed men said "get in".  They will then realize: Too late, what they have wrought...(S9)

Thanks to "Moxnews.com" for archiving this slab of media biased propaganda, which can be useful to film students as an example on how to edit footage for the most biased effect...

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