Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bloomberg $$ fund "Ex-NFL greats" TV Ad in blatant pandering to the gullible

Mayor "Ban sodas drinks, salt, French Fries, the National Guard, etc" continues throwing his deep pocket ca$h out there to influence the hicks, spineless and knuckleheads to bow at his feet and embrace his soft tyranny. One thing that really fries my eggs is when, in particular,  Black Americans (who should know better!) cower with nauseous subservience and publicly say "Our Leaders" need to "Do Something"..."Leaders" are not Gods or Royalty here in the USA, they are employees, that often need to be reminded of that fact, especially as of late, and these easily manipulated millionaire Hollywood and sports hypocrites need to be "Line-Item Vetoed" by every Liberty Loving American as persons you will NOT support in any project they are associated with (and,YES, I refused to see "Django" on it's opening day because I saw Bloombergs initial ad, which can be found on this blog under "Hollywood Hypocrites) .   They disgust me and shame me, for not knowing their history and supporting the most un-American of behaviors possible(!!!). As a certain good looking blonde said: "Shut up and sing"...Or risk being remembered by those you have offended that are NOT fools...(S9)
NFL greats Emmitt Smith, Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin, LaDainian Tomlinson and Marshall Faulk are appearing in a public service announcement in favor of gun law reforms...A solemn Smith speaks into the camera: “For the children of Sandy Hook Elementary.” Then Tomlinson adds, “Demand a plan.”
Faulk says later: “It’s time for our leaders to do something.”...
Full report HERE , but you may want to pass looking at this without a bag to throw up your guts into...

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