Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Video: Semi-Auto Pistol Mags in Home Defense PSA

With all due respect and in agreement with the message, it seems this guy could have gotten a technical adviser on firearms to help with this content (what's up with all the .22 Rimfire shell casings when these are center fire weapons?. Very distracting). The fact that he did NOT, indicates to me his ulterior motive is to get that big break in Hollywood. OK, that said, watch & decide for yourself - (S9)

Article: HERE

Friday, April 26, 2013

AR-15: The Forgotten Buttstock Screw (Photos also - Important Info for owners)

*Don't get "screwed" in the "Butt", People!*
I consider myself fairly well informed on these issues, but was totally ignorant about this (!). Your Friendly neighborhood Scaly Reptile is Passing it on for you owners, might save you more than just a few $$, might save you injury or even death(!). Slithering back into the grass.... (S9)
The M16A1 and civilian Colt SP1 had a buttstock attached to the end of the buffer tube with a ยบ-28 flat head machine screw (Colt part# SP92601). Then came the M16A2 in the 1980s. The new buttstock screw was longer (Colt part # SP64577). The new A2 stock was 5/8″ longer than the A1, although the same buffer tube is supplied for both models so a longer upper buttplate screw was required to engage the threads in the end of the tube. A1 screws run about 5/8″ or less and A2 screws are over 1 inch in overall length.
An A1 screw is not long enough to install an A2 stock. The threads won’t engage. Problems arise when an A2 screw is used to install an A1 or some aftermarket stocks. The end of the long screw will actually protrude into the buffer tube. This is bad... “long screw syndrome”...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

California Tyranny: Law Compliant Semi-Autos to be criminalized further based on ignorance and lies, Pro-Gun proposals rejected, nearly 30+ anti-gun laws to be "rammed through" by Democrat "super-majority" in spite of resistance

*Turn your guns in! Stop resisting being Victims!*
The Socialist/Marxist leftover 60's radicals in suits begin their renewed attacks on law-abiding gun owners, with the intent to cripple use of firearms with the intent of full confiscation being the endgame. This genocidal war begins anew, the formerly "Golden State" with no RKBA clause in their State Constitution. Browbeaten gun-owners brace for the coming blows and fight back behind the lines against the most vicious, unethical and ignorant pack of Rodential liberty haters within the borders of the continental United States, and I say it again, what happens here is coming to YOU later (witness the latest ban-attack by California fanatic Dianne "Crimetime" Feinstien if you have any doubt). Help California gun-owners, or shut the hell up and get out of the way of those who stand with them against these rotten and degenerate forces of evil! - (S9)
As dozens of supporters and opponents packed the committee room, Democrats in the state Senate began to use their majority to advance a group of seven bills...One of the proposals would prohibit the sale of any semi-automatic rifle that accepts detachable ammunition magazines, prompting activists on both sides of the debate to say the plan goes beyond bans in other states...including a ban on possessing ammunition magazines holding more than 10 bullets, would apply to current gun owners as well as those who buy weapons in the future.
Also, bills in the package would:
Make it more difficult to rapidly reload weapons with high-capacity magazines.
Note: (This is the attack against the "Bullet-Button" device, created to COMPLY with the law. The normal magazine release button IS ALREADY ILLEGAL IN CALIFORNIA but gun-ignorant staffers of equally gun-ignorant political Fat-Cat degenerate and despised Democrat Leland Yee, of San Francisco; saw film of Shooters at the range using these "California Crippled" firearms and ignorantly decided that they were changing their "California Crippled" 10-round magazines , ...[notice how they already LIE about so-called "High Capacity Magazines", which are in fact "Normal" capacity magazines].. "too fast"(???), DESPITE ALREADY BEING IMPEDED BY THE CALIFORNIA COMPLIANT MAGAZINE RELEASE and decided a "new law" was needed to stop this LAWFUL activity, without providing an alternate solution, therefore blatantly seeking to criminalize all gun-owners who are legally in compliance at the stroke of a pen!!!. IS IT ANY WONDER that California gun owners despise these spiteful and dangerous Buffoons?!. This attack, alone, PROVES that no matter how hard lawful gun-owners attempt to comply with these arbitrary anti-gun laws crafted by firearms-ignorant malicious fools.   Therefore ANY of these attacks MUST be resisted, since the law-abiding gun owners HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE BY DOING SO in the face of the excremental thinking and roughshod attacks against them & the RKBA...[Ed.] )
— Add a combination shotgun-rifle to the state’s list of prohibited weapons.
— Require background checks for all gun owners.
— Require ammunition buyers to undergo a background check and get a permit.
— Require more training for gun buyers.
— And add new crimes to those that disqualify California residents from owning weapons.
 The new bills in California are among at least 30 gun control measures introduced in the state this year 

The same committee also rejected a pair of gun owners’ rights bills — one that would have made it easier to get a concealed weapons permit and another allowing the open carry of firearms...Given the makeup of the California Legislature, the Senate gun control package stands a fair chance of becoming law...Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, (is the) author of the bill to outlaw rifles with detachable magazines...
However, gun rights advocate Jake McGuigan told the committee that few assault weapons are used in homicides in California, citing state Department of Justice statistics.
“We don’t look for the loopholes,” said McGuigan, a National Shooting Sports Foundation spokesman. “We only look to comply with the legislation.” 

“Filling our jails with normal, everyday law abiding citizens,” said Sen. Joel Anderson, R-Alpine, as he voted against Steinberg’s bill, “makes absolutely no sense to me.”
Full record of this sick and twisted insanity is HERE

Semi-Auto Bans: "Gun Control's Fact Free Crusaders": Sowell

The "Smartest Man in America" lays out the truth, much to the anger of the Anti-Gun Nuts, who  spew special vitriol against any Black American who "dares" to break the chains and walk off the Socialist "Plantation". If he is ticking them off, he must be doing something right... (S9)
if tighter gun control laws don't actually reduce the murder rate, then why are we being stampeded toward such laws after every shooting that gets media attention?
Have the media outlets that you follow ever even mentioned that some studies have produced evidence that murder rates tend to be higher in places with tight gun control laws?
The dirty little secret is that gun control laws do not actually control guns. They disarm law-abiding citizens, making them more vulnerable to criminals, who remain armed in disregard of such laws...gun control has become one of those fact-free crusades, based on assumptions, emotions, and rhetoric. 
What almost no one talks about is that guns are used to defend lives as well as to take lives. In fact, many of the horrific killings that we see in the media were brought to an end when someone else with a gun showed up and put a stop to the slaughter...
Many people who have never fired a gun in their lives, and never faced life-threatening dangers, nevertheless feel qualified to impose legal restrictions that can be fatal to others. And politicians eager to "do something" that gets them publicity know that the votes of the ignorant and the gullible are still votes...Restricting the magazine capacity available to law-abiding citizens will not restrict the magazine capacity of people who are not law-abiding citizens. Such restrictions just mean that the law-abiding citizen is likely to run out of ammunition first...Some people may think that "assault weapons" means automatic weapons. But automatic weapons were banned decades ago. Banning ugly-looking "assault weapons" may have aesthetic benefits, but it does not reduce the dangers to human life in the slightest. You are just as dead when killed by a very plain-looking gun...

Full essay is HERE

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rhode Island Tyranny: Semi-Auto Ban set to Criminalize Owners. Lying Politicians claim to "Uphold 2nd Amendment"

*Target criminals by banning guns of the lawful?*
I am totally disgusted with this "new" talking point of the anti-gun nuts who have been told by lawyers to recite they "respect the 2nd Amendment"  and are "targeting criminals", then turn right around and call for a BAN law-abiding citizens guns!!!. What is amazing is how many people are so STUPID they cannot see this blatant ploy. This is the same trick the anti-war left developed after Viet-Nam, saying "We support the troops, not the government" after years of blaming the troops as "Baby Killers". Please note that much of this stuff proposed is already illegal!!(?)I would not be surprised the same anti-gun lawyers (Bloomberg has a bunch of them) wrote both of these talking points for the gullible. Point out this BS to any sheeple nearby, you might get them to start thinking again... - (S9)
Attorney General Peter Kilmartin called the bills “common-sense measures,” adding that they target criminals, not lawful gun owners...proposed provisions include banning the manufacture, sale, purchase or possession of semi-automatic assault weapons, magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition and weapons with their physical identification numbers somehow altered, according to a press release... said the package will serve as the launching pad for discussion of gun control and that there will be evolving debate and compromise moving forward. “If we get one gun off the street, that makes a difference,” Fox said...
Full biased and insane report is HERE

Monday, April 15, 2013

N.Y. Tyranny: Semi-Auto Firearm Registration Begins, Owners slandered as "Extremists"

Thousands of law-abiding citizens have been made criminals and threatened with prison and felony records for the simple possession of firearms that were legal when purchased, under the hated Fascist New York "Cuomo-mussolini" Regime. This is the "California Model"  that gun-owners there have warned other states about for years, whose owners laughed and never thought it could happen to them: Until it did(!). New York City ordered registration which eventually turned into confiscation, and this will be in the future cards also, unless New York gun-owners roll over and do not fight back, and mark my words, it will only get worse. Again, look at California: As tyrannical and Unconstitutional State gun laws are, today, there are nearly 50 new anti-gun laws ready to be installed there soon. The hapless and harassed California gun-owners continue to fight back against vicious, ignorant, malicious opponents who attack like packs of filthy rodents, and are willing to lie and oppress the innocent to obtain their twisted Marxist dream of total confiscation, and total power over the People... (S9)
New York's...new gun law kicked in Monday, with owners of firearms now reclassified as assault weapons required to start registering the firearms and new limits on the number of bullets allowed in magazines... The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, the state's NRA affiliate, has a pending federal lawsuit against the new provisions. Attorney Brian Stapleton said the request for an immediate halt to the magazine limit would be filed electronically, probably late Monday or possibly early Tuesday. The law violates the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens "to keep commonly possessed firearms" at home for self-defense and for other lawful purposes, the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association said in court papers. It is advising members to obey the law in the meantime. "We are lawful and legal citizens of New York state and we always obey the law," association President Tom King said. "It's as simple as that."...The new classification related to a single military-style feature, such as a pistol grip on semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines. Other listed features include a folding or thumbhole stock, bayonet mount, flash suppressor, or second protruding grip held by the non-trigger hand. It requires owners to register an estimated 1 million guns previously not classified as assault weapons by April 15, 2014...The assault weapon definition also applies to some shotguns and handguns. They include shotguns that are semi-automatic, or self-loading, and have another feature, such as a folding stock, a second handgrip held by the non-shooting hand or the ability to accept a detachable magazine. Also covered are semi-automatic pistols that can take detachable magazines and have another feature, such as a folding or thumbhole stock, a second handgrip and a threaded barrel that can accept a silencer. Many county boards in New York have passed resolutions urging at least partial repeal of the law while warning that new registration requirements would be a costly burden on them. Herkimer County Clerk Sylvia Rowan said...she had received no registration forms for those guns. "There's a lot of confusion on this," she said...
Full story is HERE

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spiked Story: Media ignores massacre to concentrate on the anti-gun hysteria they are pushing in the USA

U.S. Media "spikes" (downplays, hides) another recent massacre because it does not fit the narrative their master in the White House demands, with the phony "gun hysteria" they have been propagating to "justify" more  new anti-gun laws and Semi-Auto Bans being forced upon the People. This was intentionally not headline news in the USA, for obvious reasons...(S9)
The Serbian veteran suspected of killing 13 people in a shooting rampage and then turning the gun on himself and his wife died... Ljubisa Bogdanovic, 60, died from head wounds, Belgrade Emergency Hospital said... Bogdanovic went on a pre-dawn, house-to-house rampage Tuesday in a village near Belgrade... the worst peacetime shooting rampage in Serbia. Bogdanovic had no criminal record or history of mental illness. He fought in the Balkan wars in the 1990s and lost his job a year ago at a wood processing factory...Residents of the village of Velika Ivanca...expressed deep shock, describing the suspect as a quiet and helpful man...Although such mass shootings are relatively rare in Serbia, weapons are readily available. Police said the suspect had a license for the handgun he used...
Full Report is HERE

Friday, April 12, 2013

20,000 "M-16" Rifles stolen from unguarded warehouse in Kuwait, no suspects, Interior Ministry a laughing stock

*M-16 with Standard capacity magazine - U.S. Troop in ACU camo*
"M-16's": True "Assault Rifles" NOT the semi-automatic "Armalite" clones that degenerate politicians have banned in States and seek to ban nationwide in the USA. These are "machine-guns", NOT the rifles that operate the same as a common revolver i.e.: One shot per trigger pull, demonized as mythical "assault weapons" by the anti-gun nuts. This story is so outrageous it boggles the mind, where are these guns now?. This is, literally, enough to arm an Army and the pistol ammunition is the most common worldwide, except for the USA, which prefers .45 ACP and .40 S&W caliber in common use. It is hard to believe this was not an "inside job" by ambitious "Ali-BaBa's", who will indeed make a small fortune selling these on the black market. It will be interesting to see where these guns eventually turn up. Personally, I assume these guns are "un-sanitized" and roll-marked "Property of the U.S. Government". When the current regime facilitated thousands of guns across the southern border to murderous drug cartels in order to justify a semi-auto ban in the USA, little was it expected an even bigger haul would be stolen in Kuwait. This regime seems to have a bad habit of letting machine-guns get in the hands of criminals, all the while working to make it's own law-abiding folks into criminals by harassing them with blatantly unconstitutional "gun-control" lies and propaganda initiatives... (S9)
ABU DHABI — Kuwait has reported the theft of a massive amount of U.S. weapons. The Interior Ministry said thieves broke into a warehouse and stole a huge amount of firearms and ammunition. The ministry said 20,000 U.S.-origin M-16 assault rifles and 15,000 rounds for 9mm pistols were stolen. “There were no guards during the break-in,” ...The statement said thieves broke three doors and removed the entire contents of the warehouse. 
Full report HERE

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Video: Semi-Auto Bans - 30 Seconds make the point in Politically Incorrect Style: The true origins of what ALL Americans face today...

*Mr.Noir fires an "Evil" AR-15*
For the first post of the new month -  This subject is on-topic, so bear with me. I Continue to be disgusted with these so-called "Black Leaders" who have forgotten their "roots" when it comes to firearms, and insist on equating criminal misuse of firearms by Black hoodlums to the overall Black population (overwhelmingly law-abiding). This is kissing the buttocks of,  and a form of mind-control that the "Reverend Mafia" hold over the population that blindly accepts the anti-gun/victim mentality coupled with the Marxist inspired "liberation theology" that has infiltrated and poisoned all forms of Christianity over the the last 50 or so years, not to mention instigating several wars in Latin-America, resulting in thousands of needless deaths, plus boosting the power of today's murderous devil-lords, the Mexican Kill-Cult Cartels (now infiltrating the heartland of the USA). The roots of "gun control" in the USA always developed out of extreme racism, when lynching Blacks,  burning/crucifying etc; at the slightest excuse was a national sport (see sidebar link on this page and read Clayton Cramer's essay on the subject "We are all N-Words to the Tyrant: The Racist Roots of Gun Control" and if you really want to master the subject, watch JPFO's video "No Guns for Negroes" and learn why I am so hard on these spineless phony "Black Leaders" who preach disarmament and kissing the buttocks of the anti-gun nut fanatics. They are a disgrace to the Patriotic American spirit). Although Patriotic Black Americans, (and there are many more than the the anti-gun media would have you think) are viciously attacked by the leftist "mainstream media" (as well as the "H8" extremists so wrapped up in supremacist propaganda they cannot see the forest for the trees), there is occasionally a glimmer that shines through. It is a duty for me to host this video here for those that "get it" and even for those who "do not". One thing is certain: Those who push unconstitutional gun confiscation will automatically dislike what this video portrays, because it goes directly against their rotten un-American gun ban agenda, and tyrants hate being exposed like the filthy roaches in the light they are... (S9)
Feinstien, Schumer, Bloomberg, All California Legislature, Illinois, Colorado, NYC/New Jersey, Sharpton, Jesse "They shoot down airplanes" Jackson, C. "Thousands of children are being killed" Rangel; Australia, England U.K., etc - ad Nauseum are refuted: Never Again! - The Link is HERE