Saturday, April 20, 2013

California Tyranny: Law Compliant Semi-Autos to be criminalized further based on ignorance and lies, Pro-Gun proposals rejected, nearly 30+ anti-gun laws to be "rammed through" by Democrat "super-majority" in spite of resistance

*Turn your guns in! Stop resisting being Victims!*
The Socialist/Marxist leftover 60's radicals in suits begin their renewed attacks on law-abiding gun owners, with the intent to cripple use of firearms with the intent of full confiscation being the endgame. This genocidal war begins anew, the formerly "Golden State" with no RKBA clause in their State Constitution. Browbeaten gun-owners brace for the coming blows and fight back behind the lines against the most vicious, unethical and ignorant pack of Rodential liberty haters within the borders of the continental United States, and I say it again, what happens here is coming to YOU later (witness the latest ban-attack by California fanatic Dianne "Crimetime" Feinstien if you have any doubt). Help California gun-owners, or shut the hell up and get out of the way of those who stand with them against these rotten and degenerate forces of evil! - (S9)
As dozens of supporters and opponents packed the committee room, Democrats in the state Senate began to use their majority to advance a group of seven bills...One of the proposals would prohibit the sale of any semi-automatic rifle that accepts detachable ammunition magazines, prompting activists on both sides of the debate to say the plan goes beyond bans in other states...including a ban on possessing ammunition magazines holding more than 10 bullets, would apply to current gun owners as well as those who buy weapons in the future.
Also, bills in the package would:
Make it more difficult to rapidly reload weapons with high-capacity magazines.
Note: (This is the attack against the "Bullet-Button" device, created to COMPLY with the law. The normal magazine release button IS ALREADY ILLEGAL IN CALIFORNIA but gun-ignorant staffers of equally gun-ignorant political Fat-Cat degenerate and despised Democrat Leland Yee, of San Francisco; saw film of Shooters at the range using these "California Crippled" firearms and ignorantly decided that they were changing their "California Crippled" 10-round magazines , ...[notice how they already LIE about so-called "High Capacity Magazines", which are in fact "Normal" capacity magazines].. "too fast"(???), DESPITE ALREADY BEING IMPEDED BY THE CALIFORNIA COMPLIANT MAGAZINE RELEASE and decided a "new law" was needed to stop this LAWFUL activity, without providing an alternate solution, therefore blatantly seeking to criminalize all gun-owners who are legally in compliance at the stroke of a pen!!!. IS IT ANY WONDER that California gun owners despise these spiteful and dangerous Buffoons?!. This attack, alone, PROVES that no matter how hard lawful gun-owners attempt to comply with these arbitrary anti-gun laws crafted by firearms-ignorant malicious fools.   Therefore ANY of these attacks MUST be resisted, since the law-abiding gun owners HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE BY DOING SO in the face of the excremental thinking and roughshod attacks against them & the RKBA...[Ed.] )
— Add a combination shotgun-rifle to the state’s list of prohibited weapons.
— Require background checks for all gun owners.
— Require ammunition buyers to undergo a background check and get a permit.
— Require more training for gun buyers.
— And add new crimes to those that disqualify California residents from owning weapons.
 The new bills in California are among at least 30 gun control measures introduced in the state this year 

The same committee also rejected a pair of gun owners’ rights bills — one that would have made it easier to get a concealed weapons permit and another allowing the open carry of firearms...Given the makeup of the California Legislature, the Senate gun control package stands a fair chance of becoming law...Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, (is the) author of the bill to outlaw rifles with detachable magazines...
However, gun rights advocate Jake McGuigan told the committee that few assault weapons are used in homicides in California, citing state Department of Justice statistics.
“We don’t look for the loopholes,” said McGuigan, a National Shooting Sports Foundation spokesman. “We only look to comply with the legislation.” 

“Filling our jails with normal, everyday law abiding citizens,” said Sen. Joel Anderson, R-Alpine, as he voted against Steinberg’s bill, “makes absolutely no sense to me.”
Full record of this sick and twisted insanity is HERE

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