Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spiked Story: Media ignores massacre to concentrate on the anti-gun hysteria they are pushing in the USA

U.S. Media "spikes" (downplays, hides) another recent massacre because it does not fit the narrative their master in the White House demands, with the phony "gun hysteria" they have been propagating to "justify" more  new anti-gun laws and Semi-Auto Bans being forced upon the People. This was intentionally not headline news in the USA, for obvious reasons...(S9)
The Serbian veteran suspected of killing 13 people in a shooting rampage and then turning the gun on himself and his wife died... Ljubisa Bogdanovic, 60, died from head wounds, Belgrade Emergency Hospital said... Bogdanovic went on a pre-dawn, house-to-house rampage Tuesday in a village near Belgrade... the worst peacetime shooting rampage in Serbia. Bogdanovic had no criminal record or history of mental illness. He fought in the Balkan wars in the 1990s and lost his job a year ago at a wood processing factory...Residents of the village of Velika Ivanca...expressed deep shock, describing the suspect as a quiet and helpful man...Although such mass shootings are relatively rare in Serbia, weapons are readily available. Police said the suspect had a license for the handgun he used...
Full Report is HERE

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