Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rhode Island Tyranny: Semi-Auto Ban set to Criminalize Owners. Lying Politicians claim to "Uphold 2nd Amendment"

*Target criminals by banning guns of the lawful?*
I am totally disgusted with this "new" talking point of the anti-gun nuts who have been told by lawyers to recite they "respect the 2nd Amendment"  and are "targeting criminals", then turn right around and call for a BAN law-abiding citizens guns!!!. What is amazing is how many people are so STUPID they cannot see this blatant ploy. This is the same trick the anti-war left developed after Viet-Nam, saying "We support the troops, not the government" after years of blaming the troops as "Baby Killers". Please note that much of this stuff proposed is already illegal!!(?)I would not be surprised the same anti-gun lawyers (Bloomberg has a bunch of them) wrote both of these talking points for the gullible. Point out this BS to any sheeple nearby, you might get them to start thinking again... - (S9)
Attorney General Peter Kilmartin called the bills “common-sense measures,” adding that they target criminals, not lawful gun owners...proposed provisions include banning the manufacture, sale, purchase or possession of semi-automatic assault weapons, magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition and weapons with their physical identification numbers somehow altered, according to a press release... said the package will serve as the launching pad for discussion of gun control and that there will be evolving debate and compromise moving forward. “If we get one gun off the street, that makes a difference,” Fox said...
Full biased and insane report is HERE

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