Monday, April 15, 2013

N.Y. Tyranny: Semi-Auto Firearm Registration Begins, Owners slandered as "Extremists"

Thousands of law-abiding citizens have been made criminals and threatened with prison and felony records for the simple possession of firearms that were legal when purchased, under the hated Fascist New York "Cuomo-mussolini" Regime. This is the "California Model"  that gun-owners there have warned other states about for years, whose owners laughed and never thought it could happen to them: Until it did(!). New York City ordered registration which eventually turned into confiscation, and this will be in the future cards also, unless New York gun-owners roll over and do not fight back, and mark my words, it will only get worse. Again, look at California: As tyrannical and Unconstitutional State gun laws are, today, there are nearly 50 new anti-gun laws ready to be installed there soon. The hapless and harassed California gun-owners continue to fight back against vicious, ignorant, malicious opponents who attack like packs of filthy rodents, and are willing to lie and oppress the innocent to obtain their twisted Marxist dream of total confiscation, and total power over the People... (S9)
New York' gun law kicked in Monday, with owners of firearms now reclassified as assault weapons required to start registering the firearms and new limits on the number of bullets allowed in magazines... The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, the state's NRA affiliate, has a pending federal lawsuit against the new provisions. Attorney Brian Stapleton said the request for an immediate halt to the magazine limit would be filed electronically, probably late Monday or possibly early Tuesday. The law violates the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens "to keep commonly possessed firearms" at home for self-defense and for other lawful purposes, the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association said in court papers. It is advising members to obey the law in the meantime. "We are lawful and legal citizens of New York state and we always obey the law," association President Tom King said. "It's as simple as that."...The new classification related to a single military-style feature, such as a pistol grip on semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines. Other listed features include a folding or thumbhole stock, bayonet mount, flash suppressor, or second protruding grip held by the non-trigger hand. It requires owners to register an estimated 1 million guns previously not classified as assault weapons by April 15, 2014...The assault weapon definition also applies to some shotguns and handguns. They include shotguns that are semi-automatic, or self-loading, and have another feature, such as a folding stock, a second handgrip held by the non-shooting hand or the ability to accept a detachable magazine. Also covered are semi-automatic pistols that can take detachable magazines and have another feature, such as a folding or thumbhole stock, a second handgrip and a threaded barrel that can accept a silencer. Many county boards in New York have passed resolutions urging at least partial repeal of the law while warning that new registration requirements would be a costly burden on them. Herkimer County Clerk Sylvia Rowan said...she had received no registration forms for those guns. "There's a lot of confusion on this," she said...
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