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Jessie Jackson calls for ban on Semi-Auto rifles; Claims refuted by Firearms Instructor

Malcom X with .30 Cal M1 Cabine
 Back in the 1950's/60's, when Blacks formed NRA "Gun Clubs" to keep murderous Klan Riders at bay using war surplus Semi-Auto M1 Carbines, Jackson had no problem with self-defense semi-automatic firearms as he rode the coat-tails of MLK and it was his hide at stake. These days, any opportunistic political bandwagon he can exploit to raise his public profile, no matter how misbegotten, is his stock in trade. Flatulating the tyranny based talking points (lies) of the semi-auto gun ban agenda organizations (with the help of anti-gun media propaganda "news" reports like this one, misrepresenting semi-autos as machine-gun "assault rifles". This one, at least has a refutation from the other side, albeit using the most inflammatory rhetoric they could coax out of him), Jackson is now in favor of peaceable Black citizens being unarmed defenseless victims of street terrorists and criminals of any sort: Just the opposite of what is needed in crime ridden neighborhoods (and ignoring the fact that Klan minded racists are still lurking and working out there). The man is a contemptible and dangerous irrelevant buffoon. I've said it before and will say it again: "Anyone who insists on you being an unarmed victim is not your friend, no matter how pretty their speeches may be".  Of all people, you would think, having witnessed in person the exploded skull of MLK by an assassin's bullet, he would know better.  I suppose when you travel 24/7 with armed bodyguards, your perspective changes. With him, it's all about the roar of the sheeple crowd and how much cash he can profit from them, while he enables more bodies to hit the floor with his anti-self defense mumblings...(S9)

 Jackson calls for ban on assault rifles

Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson called...for banning assault rifles...the former presidential candidate supported the right of Americans to use guns to hunt or defend their homes, but "assault weapons are in another zone," he said. "These guns threaten our security."...Jackson called them "military weapons" that the public should not have access to. "Police check them out and check them in."...
a National Rifle Association firearms instructor and competitive pistol shooter, said Jackson should "take a course in U.S. history, and maybe he can pay attention this time."
During the American Revolutionary War, "the musket was the so-called assault rifle of its day," he said.
These so-called assault weapons helped ensure our nation's freedom, he said. "Second Amendment rights are not hunters' rights or sportsmen's rights."...Asked why the public should have access to assault rifles, he said, "When trouble happens and seconds count, police are minutes away. I have an assault rifle for the same reason I have a fire extinguisher in the house. "During the 1992 Los Angeles riots, some Korean shop owners stood on the rooftops of their stores and kept looters at bay, he said. "That's why we have the right to bear arms. When society breaks down, maybe you need an AK-47."...Jackson shared statistics about violence on America's streets. So far, more than 6,500 U.S. soldiers have died in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, "but we're losing 30,000 Americans a year to gunfire," he said...
Full media biased post on this firearms ignorant, statistics twisting, grandstanding, misspeaking, publicity-hound phony HERE
(Note: The best program dealing with Jackson is heard, including the internet, on Thursdays at KFI Los Angeles Tim Conway Jr's show. Check it out at this link: )

Anti-Gun Politicians shelve bill (SB249) Semi-Auto De-Facto Ban in CA

They cannot stop lying and brainwashing, especially when they lose to the pro-freedom forces. The lies about Semi-Autos, how they function, and character assassination against gun owners are at the top of the media mind control menu every time. The standard incorrect bait and switch pejorative language of "assault rifle" and "military style" vs "semi-automatic" or "self-loading". The outrageous blatant lie that California compliant semi-autos are capable of  so-called rapid magazine changes when equipped with a "bullet-button", which in fact was expressly designed to slow down magazine changes(!). The sin of omission by not mentioning California compliant magazines are limited to 10 rounds, implying "High" (actually normal) Capacity magazines are legal.  The "new-speak"  re-branding of this Semi-Auto ban as a so-called "Loophole", when it is no such thing. The lying continues with the comment of this bill being "in the wake" of recent "mass-shootings", when this bill was already on the march before these incidents. The snark thrown at so-called "gun groups" (Portraying resistance to the bill as not being grass-roots, but political) who used legal means to defeat the bill (for now) even though there was only truth, not the lies they use, to oppose it. The following spin on the shelving of SB-246 is a perfect example for the critical thinking reader to evaluate....(S9)
A last-minute proposal to restrict assault rifles in California in the wake of mass shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin has been shelved for the year by state lawmakers.
The measure would have prohibited semi-automatic weapons from having devices that allow them to be easily reloaded with multiple rounds of ammunition, but it had become the target of an intense lobbying campaign, including radio ads, by gun groups who said it would result in legal owners losing their firearms.
Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) said that his proposal would have closed a loophole in California’s strict gun law... Yee said in a statement. "When California enacted our assault weapon law there was no intention of allowing such easily changeable magazines on military-style weapons." Yee said he would explore alternatives including the possibility of the state Department of Justice adopting new regulations. State Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris had endorsed his bill....
See full biased post from the notoriously anti-gun editorial propaganda organ, the L.A. Times HERE

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Semi-Automatic Thinking on Gun Control (By Paul Barrett)

Assault (Weapon) rifle is a term that Sugarmann and some of his colleagues demonized in the early 1990s because they knew a lot of ordinary people confuse it with “machine gun.” (I describe this episode in some detail in a recent book.) Fully automatic machine guns, which spray bursts of bullets with a single pull of the trigger, are already illegal. In this context, “assault weapon” is nothing more than a scary-sounding synonym for a semiautomatic military-style rifle. Round-for-round, a semiautomatic military-style rifle is no more powerful or dangerous than a traditional wooden-stock deer-hunting rifle. (Traditional deer-hunting rifles, as it happens, are derived directly from military-style weapons of an earlier era.)
We tried banning assault weapons from 1994 through 2004, when the ban expired. The law had no significant effect on crime rates...not least that it focused on cosmetic features, such as whether rifles had bayonet mounts, which had nothing to do with lethality...The problem gun-control advocates confront is that we live in a society with upwards of 250 million firearms already in private hands, along with a lot of accoutrements. The right to “keep and bear” arms is protected by a foundational constitutional provision. The Second Amendment is more than a legal technicality. It represents independence, self-reliance, and security to many millions of Americans...
See full article HERE
Although I may have minor issues with Barrett, he gets it right more than wrong in his essay and it is still damn good work. Backward gun-hating legislatures like in California still have these useless provisions and are eagerly attempting to add more, as Barrett mentions, focused on cosmetic features which had nothing to do with lethality, yet they continue to do the bait & switch game with the public, looking for political capital and career enhancement by "solving" a non-existent "problem" and betraying their oaths to uphold the constitution by criminalizing law-abiding gun owners. They truly disgust me with their thoughtless tyrannical behavior.  As for Barrett's essay: 2 thumbs up and a sniff of Hoppe's Linseed oil for those wooden stocks...(S9).

Associated Press Perpetuates ‘Assault Weapon’ Lie in Journalist’s Stylebook (Dan Roberts Expose-Ammoland)

While performing research for an article about modern sporting rifles, I stumbled upon the Associated Press (AP) “Stylebook”, that appears to be the foundation of where the “assault weapon” lie originates in journalism...
The so called assault weapon phrase is a deliberate and cynical ploy to mislead and confuse the American Public over an entire class of firearms that Gun Banners don’t like.
“The semi-automatic weapon’s menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons — anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun — can only increase that chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons.” ~ Josh Sugarmann - Violence Policy Center
But with origin of this meme so factually clear and deceptive, why do so many supposedly educated journalists keep misusing the term “assault weapon when talking about America’s most commonly owned firearms?
Apparently the Associated Press is the source of the problem!
They clearly direct all Journalist to keep misusing the Term assault weapon in their published 2012 Stylebook. The AP Stylebook is a resource and definition guide, published and distributed to 10,000′s of media outlets, print, online and television Nationwide, for use by journalists, reporters, students and editorial staff to promote correct formatting and accurate reporting of news stories.
From the 2012 Associated Press Stylebook Press Release:
“Updated regularly since its initial publication in 1953, the AP Stylebook is a must-have reference for writers, editors, students and professionals. It provides fundamental guidelines for spelling, language, punctuation, usage and journalistic style. It is the definitive resource for journalists. “
This so called “definitive resource for journalists” has it wrong!
From the 2012 AP Stylebook:
Assault Weapon: A semi-automatic firearm similar in appearance to a fully automatic firearm or military weapon. Not synonymous with assault rifle, which can be used in fully automatic mode. Wherever possible, be specific about the type of weapon: semi-automatic rifle, semi-automatic shotgun or semi-automatic pistol.”...
  Accompanying the cry for more gun control was the same litany of intentionally mis-represented “facts“, overly emotional rhetoric and ignorance laced commentary by individuals and media alike, for whom things like basic fact checking and the barest adherence to the truth are apparently foreign concepts.
The inclusion and perpetuation of the made up term “assault weapons” by AP Stylebook cuts straight to the heart of the issue. Not holding to the truth.  The facts are this is a made up term.
From Gun Facts, a quick reference guide for civil libertarians on gun control issues. They define an “assault weapon” as follows.
An “assault weapon” is an invented term. In the firearm lexicon, there is no such thing as an “assault weapon.” The closest relative is the “assault rifle,” which is a machine gun or “select fire” rifle that fires rifle cartridges. In most cases so-called “assault weapons” are cosmetically similar to military guns but are functionally identical to and less powerful than hunting rifles.”
Wikipedia, not the most reliable source and one that has liberal left leanings, has this to say:
“Assault weapons” is a political term, often used by gun control advocates, typically referring to firearms “designed for rapidly firing at human targets from close range,” sometimes described as military-style features useful in combat.”...
 Thus creating and leaving the impression amongst readers or viewers that the firearm in question is an actual military grade assault rifle, capable of fully automatic, machine gun type rates of fire. Remember Sugarmann’s quote and CNN being caught intentionally creating exactly that impression.
This isn’t journalism, it’s pure propaganda, plain and simple. Its’s a shameful betrayal of even the most basic adherence to any semblance to journalistic integrity and ethics. And it needs to be exposed....
Read the full expose at
Dan Roberts is a hero. Exposing what has been long been suspected, the change from accurate terms like "pistol", "rifle", "shotgun" or "handgun" (anything other than revolvers), for years now, into the intended pejorative buzzword "semi-automatic", as a scare & mind-control tactic(!). Even the President lied in public, describing semi-autos as "weapons of war" that should not be on our "streets", and he knew this was a lie when it came out of his mouth, since it has been proven he and his minion Holder, and anti-gun Democrats want to ban semi-autos. This was the intention when he unleashed "fast & furious", with hundreds of innocent Mexican & American corpses the blood price to get his semi-auto ban. How ruthless is that?.  It is particularly nauseating to see the collusion with the blatant talking points of established  anti-gun/freedom forces being behind this specific media bias. Now this  is exposed for all to see, but of course this story is "spiked" by the "lamestream media", who would never report on their own faults & bias!.  Remember to pass this on whenever possible to clean the mind-control infections from the brains of the public and individuals you are in contact with!...(S9)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Media Deception-Political Grandstanding; "Gun Ban Monster" Feeds on Innocent Blood (SB249)

It is NEVER said that mags over 10 rounds are ILLEGAL in California, they intentionally state so-called “high-capacity” mags are in common use: Blatant deception, Media Bias, Outright Lie!. These people are so firearms ignorant, they think the “solution” is to “weld the magazine” to the firearm(????). Shame on you yellow “journalists” and meddling political grandstanding fake do-gooding posers with your underhanded tactics!. Read on, Victim...

California bill seeks to tighten assault weapons law

Legislation that has the backing of California's attorney general would close a loophole in the nation's toughest assault weapons law, making it more difficult for guns to be swiftly reloaded with high-capacity magazines. Attorney General Kamala Harris and a Democratic state lawmaker are seeking the change in the wake of this summer's massacre at a Colorado movie theater. The state's regulations allow gun manufacturers to sell weapons in California with magazines that can be removed and replaced quickly using a simple tool known as a "bullet button." The buttons get around the state's ban on detachable magazines that can be used to swiftly reload a rifle or shotgun...Yee's plan for a broader ban on easily detachable magazines ran into opposition. He said he expects support for much greater restrictions after the July 20 shooting in suburban Denver that killed 12 and injured 58. "It reminded all of us how dangerous the assault weapons are," Yee said. "There's an opportunity now to plug up that hole, and I want to take advantage of that." The National Rifle Association urged its members to call and email state lawmakers to oppose the revised bill, calling it "a gun ban monster."...hundreds of thousands of semiautomatic rifles legally sold in California since 2001...would become illegal under Yee's bill...thousands of gun owners could face the threat of arrest. Harris endorsed Yee's a statement Friday...
--- Full biased deceptive propaganda flatulated out of AP is at this link: California bill seeks to tighten assault weapons law ---
Blood-dancing fools, the lot of them, and notice they do not even try to hide the fact that they are doing it(!). They have no shame whatsoever and the media is not calling them on it, in fact accepting such bias as “normal”, claiming Colorado as the driving force, when this “bill” was in process long before that incident(!). Harris was running away from this bill (see earlier entries posted on this blog) until the recent attacks on unarmed civilians in “gun-free” zones. Harris remains loathed by street cops even today, after she refused to seek the death penalty for a cop-killer in San Francisco. They know she is one of the most incompetent social climbers ever to crawl from under the fetid rock of S.F. Political hacks, along with her toady sycophants Leland Yee and the ex-Mayor (who she was reportedly shagging off in private) Gavin Newsome. No, Friends, this is simply political grandstanding at it's most cynical and sinister, but as long as it is directed at hapless law-abiding gun owners, it is OK to use deception and lies to further their agenda. They will later claim they “cracked down” on “crime” when in fact the are going after something that is legal, with no significant effect on criminals whatsoever, and they know it: The Feinstien Strategy. Smoke & mirrors. Kick around the gun owners, because no one will care about them, easy victims to build a reputation on in California politics. Their selfish, corrupt stink befouls the halls of government in Sacramento, mocking the entire system of equal protection for the citizens. These elitist leftist tyrants need to be resisted every step of the way, and it is not like you have a choice in the matter unless you elect to be a spineless jellyfish. This is not a war you have chosen, but it is a war forced upon you. Ask yourself this: What would George Washington do?...(S9)

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Drum (Rotary) Magazines are Nothing New, despite the Propaganda - (Snake9)

The 1968 Gun Control Act was fueled by multiple high profile misuse of firearms by criminals. We are seeing the same tactic used today, banking on the public's lack of historical perspective plus media manipulation (It is no accident). Due to Colorado, Anti-Gun conspirators have “suddenly” focused on the drum/rotary magazine used in the incident. As usual, firearms ignorant gun-banners get it wrong again, either by accident or design (I lean towards the “design” theory). From the earliest self loading firearms, over 100 years ago, the use of drum/rotary magazines was common with both handguns & carbines. The most famous to the general public (via Hollywood) being the standard first model Thompson sub-machinegun introduced shortly after World War One in the 1920's (Oh' Look! Johnny Depp has that cool old-timey gun, let's go see that movie Babs!). Another famous silhouette was the German Luger Pistol, introduced even earlier than the Thompson (pre-1908) and saw action in WW1. The Luger had a drum, aka “snail”, magazine as an option. I could go on naming various early model firearms that used rotary magazines, but the point here is that most modern firearms either already have, or could have fabricated, a rotary/drum magazine for it, handgun, rifle or shotgun. To attempt to ban these mags and any firearm that would accept them, is a backdoor to a near total ban on all firearms that are not bolt or lever action; a cynical attempt to push technology back to pre-1800's levels, but more importantly, in essence criminalizing nearly all available firearms, and their owners. (As their propaganda talking point goes: “You don't need that”). This is under the guise, for the uninformed public, continuing to demonize the semi-automatic as a “new”, “evil” danger, which it is nothing of the sort (even President Teddy Roosevelt had semi-autos in his collection). California is an example of gun-haters attempting to thrust he technological Genie back in the bottle, and as lawful gun-owners there have learned, it is never enough. The haters are still trying to force through more misbegotten “laws” harassing gun owners, a war without end, where deception and lies are their weapons of choice. We are again seeing this resurge on a national level in an orchestrated political/media campaign, with roots in the “fast and furious” debacle, and, like the early 60's, a “sudden” spate of high profile crimes as “justification”. More on that in the next entry, a California example, dealt with in previous posts.--(S9)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The "Assault Weapons Myth" - (Chapman)

Gov. Quinn wants to outlaw the sale and possession of "assault weapons," insisting that "there is no place in Illinois for weapons designed to fire rapidly at human targets at close range." He doesn't mention that even if his ban were to pass, there would be plenty of other legal firearms that can be used to fire rapidly at human targets at close range -- or long range, for that matter.
Assault weapons are just ordinary guns dressed up to look scary. Quinn is making a mistake to buy the ruse....
 Prohibiting "assault weapons" is a pointless gesture. Those who propose a ban are only proving they don't understand basic facts about guns and violence or don't care. 
Or, let me add to the last: Are intentionally using deception to push an evil agenda. Short, direct and to the point, I'm amazed this appeared in the Chicago Tribune. Author Chapman, unfortunately, is forced to use the propaganda terminology of the opposition, but this is a trade-off to keep the essay short. Otherwise, he manages to stick with facts and should be commended for honesty, since the opposition freely use deceit and outright lies, which the media never call them on. Refreshing change of pace - (S9)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

AK-47 Armed Poachers Slaughter, Loot 2 Elephant Cadavers

AK General Purpose Machine-gun
Five poachers armed with AK-47 Assault rifles have gunned down two elephants and hacked off their tusks in Taita Ranch in Taita-Taveta County in Kenya's Coast Province...The killings bring to seven the number of elephants killed at the ranch since the start of the year...A special operations team from Isiolo backed by dozens of rangers and community scouts has launched a massive manhunt for the armed bandits...
Full story HERE
For the record, these "AK-47's" are the real thing (i.e.: fully automatic machine guns, not semi-automatic clones) and likely the larger caliber Squad type weapons, such as the RPD. All these rich Hollywood types who always are going on about saving the animals (the usual suspects) don't have the balls to do what must be done here: Finance crates of effective rifles and ammunition, and a handful of military experts to train these people in proper Cordon & Search/Ranger operation techniques, to exterminate these money hungry poaching scum and discourage others. If there is a "righteous war" to be waged, this is one for damn certain. Save the elephants, Dammit!!. Unfortunately, these types are all talk, tears & timidity, but no action. Filthy rich and not doing the right thing by Africa. Phonies all the way, they disgust me...(S9)