Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Media Deception-Political Grandstanding; "Gun Ban Monster" Feeds on Innocent Blood (SB249)

It is NEVER said that mags over 10 rounds are ILLEGAL in California, they intentionally state so-called “high-capacity” mags are in common use: Blatant deception, Media Bias, Outright Lie!. These people are so firearms ignorant, they think the “solution” is to “weld the magazine” to the firearm(????). Shame on you yellow “journalists” and meddling political grandstanding fake do-gooding posers with your underhanded tactics!. Read on, Victim...

California bill seeks to tighten assault weapons law

Legislation that has the backing of California's attorney general would close a loophole in the nation's toughest assault weapons law, making it more difficult for guns to be swiftly reloaded with high-capacity magazines. Attorney General Kamala Harris and a Democratic state lawmaker are seeking the change in the wake of this summer's massacre at a Colorado movie theater. The state's regulations allow gun manufacturers to sell weapons in California with magazines that can be removed and replaced quickly using a simple tool known as a "bullet button." The buttons get around the state's ban on detachable magazines that can be used to swiftly reload a rifle or shotgun...Yee's plan for a broader ban on easily detachable magazines ran into opposition. He said he expects support for much greater restrictions after the July 20 shooting in suburban Denver that killed 12 and injured 58. "It reminded all of us how dangerous the assault weapons are," Yee said. "There's an opportunity now to plug up that hole, and I want to take advantage of that." The National Rifle Association urged its members to call and email state lawmakers to oppose the revised bill, calling it "a gun ban monster."...hundreds of thousands of semiautomatic rifles legally sold in California since 2001...would become illegal under Yee's bill...thousands of gun owners could face the threat of arrest. Harris endorsed Yee's efforts...in a statement Friday...
--- Full biased deceptive propaganda flatulated out of AP is at this link: California bill seeks to tighten assault weapons law ---
Blood-dancing fools, the lot of them, and notice they do not even try to hide the fact that they are doing it(!). They have no shame whatsoever and the media is not calling them on it, in fact accepting such bias as “normal”, claiming Colorado as the driving force, when this “bill” was in process long before that incident(!). Harris was running away from this bill (see earlier entries posted on this blog) until the recent attacks on unarmed civilians in “gun-free” zones. Harris remains loathed by street cops even today, after she refused to seek the death penalty for a cop-killer in San Francisco. They know she is one of the most incompetent social climbers ever to crawl from under the fetid rock of S.F. Political hacks, along with her toady sycophants Leland Yee and the ex-Mayor (who she was reportedly shagging off in private) Gavin Newsome. No, Friends, this is simply political grandstanding at it's most cynical and sinister, but as long as it is directed at hapless law-abiding gun owners, it is OK to use deception and lies to further their agenda. They will later claim they “cracked down” on “crime” when in fact the are going after something that is legal, with no significant effect on criminals whatsoever, and they know it: The Feinstien Strategy. Smoke & mirrors. Kick around the gun owners, because no one will care about them, easy victims to build a reputation on in California politics. Their selfish, corrupt stink befouls the halls of government in Sacramento, mocking the entire system of equal protection for the citizens. These elitist leftist tyrants need to be resisted every step of the way, and it is not like you have a choice in the matter unless you elect to be a spineless jellyfish. This is not a war you have chosen, but it is a war forced upon you. Ask yourself this: What would George Washington do?...(S9)

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