Monday, August 6, 2012

Drum (Rotary) Magazines are Nothing New, despite the Propaganda - (Snake9)

The 1968 Gun Control Act was fueled by multiple high profile misuse of firearms by criminals. We are seeing the same tactic used today, banking on the public's lack of historical perspective plus media manipulation (It is no accident). Due to Colorado, Anti-Gun conspirators have “suddenly” focused on the drum/rotary magazine used in the incident. As usual, firearms ignorant gun-banners get it wrong again, either by accident or design (I lean towards the “design” theory). From the earliest self loading firearms, over 100 years ago, the use of drum/rotary magazines was common with both handguns & carbines. The most famous to the general public (via Hollywood) being the standard first model Thompson sub-machinegun introduced shortly after World War One in the 1920's (Oh' Look! Johnny Depp has that cool old-timey gun, let's go see that movie Babs!). Another famous silhouette was the German Luger Pistol, introduced even earlier than the Thompson (pre-1908) and saw action in WW1. The Luger had a drum, aka “snail”, magazine as an option. I could go on naming various early model firearms that used rotary magazines, but the point here is that most modern firearms either already have, or could have fabricated, a rotary/drum magazine for it, handgun, rifle or shotgun. To attempt to ban these mags and any firearm that would accept them, is a backdoor to a near total ban on all firearms that are not bolt or lever action; a cynical attempt to push technology back to pre-1800's levels, but more importantly, in essence criminalizing nearly all available firearms, and their owners. (As their propaganda talking point goes: “You don't need that”). This is under the guise, for the uninformed public, continuing to demonize the semi-automatic as a “new”, “evil” danger, which it is nothing of the sort (even President Teddy Roosevelt had semi-autos in his collection). California is an example of gun-haters attempting to thrust he technological Genie back in the bottle, and as lawful gun-owners there have learned, it is never enough. The haters are still trying to force through more misbegotten “laws” harassing gun owners, a war without end, where deception and lies are their weapons of choice. We are again seeing this resurge on a national level in an orchestrated political/media campaign, with roots in the “fast and furious” debacle, and, like the early 60's, a “sudden” spate of high profile crimes as “justification”. More on that in the next entry, a California example, dealt with in previous posts.--(S9)

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