Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Anti-Gun Politicians shelve bill (SB249) Semi-Auto De-Facto Ban in CA

They cannot stop lying and brainwashing, especially when they lose to the pro-freedom forces. The lies about Semi-Autos, how they function, and character assassination against gun owners are at the top of the media mind control menu every time. The standard incorrect bait and switch pejorative language of "assault rifle" and "military style" vs "semi-automatic" or "self-loading". The outrageous blatant lie that California compliant semi-autos are capable of  so-called rapid magazine changes when equipped with a "bullet-button", which in fact was expressly designed to slow down magazine changes(!). The sin of omission by not mentioning California compliant magazines are limited to 10 rounds, implying "High" (actually normal) Capacity magazines are legal.  The "new-speak"  re-branding of this Semi-Auto ban as a so-called "Loophole", when it is no such thing. The lying continues with the comment of this bill being "in the wake" of recent "mass-shootings", when this bill was already on the march before these incidents. The snark thrown at so-called "gun groups" (Portraying resistance to the bill as not being grass-roots, but political) who used legal means to defeat the bill (for now) even though there was only truth, not the lies they use, to oppose it. The following spin on the shelving of SB-246 is a perfect example for the critical thinking reader to evaluate....(S9)
A last-minute proposal to restrict assault rifles in California in the wake of mass shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin has been shelved for the year by state lawmakers.
The measure would have prohibited semi-automatic weapons from having devices that allow them to be easily reloaded with multiple rounds of ammunition, but it had become the target of an intense lobbying campaign, including radio ads, by gun groups who said it would result in legal owners losing their firearms.
Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) said that his proposal would have closed a loophole in California’s strict gun law... Yee said in a statement. "When California enacted our assault weapon law there was no intention of allowing such easily changeable magazines on military-style weapons." Yee said he would explore alternatives including the possibility of the state Department of Justice adopting new regulations. State Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris had endorsed his bill....
See full biased post from the notoriously anti-gun editorial propaganda organ, the L.A. Times HERE

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