Sunday, August 5, 2012

The "Assault Weapons Myth" - (Chapman)

Gov. Quinn wants to outlaw the sale and possession of "assault weapons," insisting that "there is no place in Illinois for weapons designed to fire rapidly at human targets at close range." He doesn't mention that even if his ban were to pass, there would be plenty of other legal firearms that can be used to fire rapidly at human targets at close range -- or long range, for that matter.
Assault weapons are just ordinary guns dressed up to look scary. Quinn is making a mistake to buy the ruse....
 Prohibiting "assault weapons" is a pointless gesture. Those who propose a ban are only proving they don't understand basic facts about guns and violence or don't care. 
Or, let me add to the last: Are intentionally using deception to push an evil agenda. Short, direct and to the point, I'm amazed this appeared in the Chicago Tribune. Author Chapman, unfortunately, is forced to use the propaganda terminology of the opposition, but this is a trade-off to keep the essay short. Otherwise, he manages to stick with facts and should be commended for honesty, since the opposition freely use deceit and outright lies, which the media never call them on. Refreshing change of pace - (S9)

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