Tuesday, January 26, 2010

State Sen.: Semi-Autos no more lethal than other guns

State Sen. Pam Roach on Tuesday challenged Bellevue Police Chief Linda Pillo over the relative lethality of assault weapons versus other firearms.
Pillo was testifying in support of Senate Bill 6396, which would ban the sale of assault weapons, specifically semiautomatic pistols, pump-action rifles or shotguns that met certain definitions. Pillo noted that Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton was killed and his partner wounded by a man with a semiautomatic weapon last year.
Pillo said national law enforcement groups supported banning assault weapons as a way to reduce gun violence.(That is an outright lie - S9)
Roach questioned why assault weapons are any more dangerous than other guns, like revolvers.
"What is more or less lethal than those firearms that are defined in this bill as being an assault weapons?" Roach asked the police chief.
Pillo responded: "Because of the multiple rounds that can be fired."
Roach then asked: "How many rounds does it take to be fired (to be lethal)? ...the answer is one."...
Testifying against the proposed law was Brian Judy, the state liaison for the National Rifle Association.
"In this day and age of 24 hour news, I want to give you a bit of breaking news. Seventy million gun owners didn't break the law today," said Judy, adding the bill would unfairly infringe on people's state and federal rights. "This bill is unconstitutional, it's arbitrary and it will not reduce crime."
Judy, too, questioned the logic of targeting assault weapons over other firearms. He noted that the four Lakewood Police officers gunned down in a coffee shop in November were killed by a man using conventional firearms.
"Maurice Clemmons, who killed four police officers in Lakewood ... he killed four police officers with eight rounds, think about that"...
Full Story @:http://blog.seattlepi.com/seattlepolitics/archives/192321.asp
Another view of this will be found at:
Notice that the language used here let the forces of tyranny control the argument in their favor ("assault/semiautomatic weapons", "conventional firearms",etc) and they are not being called out on these "definitional slanders"...
More moronics and outright lies by the bed-wetting anti-gun mind-controllers in Seattle Politics and traitorous "law-enforcement" circles

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Police to get semi-automatic rifles amid complaints by some

The El Paso Police Department is getting more fire power, in the form of semi-automatic weapons...Right now, officers are equipped with pistols and shotguns. Now, each officer will be assigned an M-4 semi-automatic rifle...Chief Allen said every officer will receive a weapon and get extensive training on how to use it. Still, some El Pasoans...said they wouldn't feel safer.
The chief explained to City Council, who approved the purchase of the weapons, that the M-4s would only be used in extreme situations such as a bank robbery or school lockdown where suspects have weapons.
"They'll only be used in those rare instances, hopefully, where the weapon might be needed. It's not going to be something that they'll be walking down the streets with, causing alarm," said Allen.
Although City Council representatives didn't discuss this at today's meeting, but in this weekend's El Paso Inc., representatives mentioned their concern about errant soldiers and even the possible impact of military gangs.
Full Story @http://www.kvia.com/Global/story.asp?S=11812290
Badly written and nearly unintelligible, I'm guessing that certain elements in El Paso think that the M4's are going to fall in the hands of "crazed veterans" and "Military Gangs", whatever that heretofore unknown group is. I suppose all the hundreds of Cartel gang murders right across the border in Juarez is perfectly O.K., while their own Police with backup patrol rifles are "intimidating" and "offensive"(?). These rifles are semi-automatics, NOT "machine-guns" like true military M-4's. This reminds me of New York Mayor Dinkins objecting to NYPD upgrading from revolvers to pistols because he thought more "innocent bystanders" would be shot due to the auto-pistols having more than 6 round capacity before reloading. More firearms ignorance combined with stupidity producing "political correctness" that is a danger to the public in more ways than one...S9

Monday, January 4, 2010

6th Supremes say:No Full-Auto conversions for State Militia

A former commander in the Tennessee State Guard has lost an appeal to overturn his conviction for trying to provide his soldiers with homemade machine guns for possible use in defending the state. On Wednesday, a federal appeals court in Cincinnati threw the case out of court. “Whatever the individual right to keep and bear arms might entail, it does not authorize an unlicensed individual to possess unregistered machine guns for personal use,” (State use is not personal use! - S9) said the three-judge panel of the Sixth US Circuit Court of Appeals...At trial and in his appeal, Mr. Hamblen argued that he and his soldiers had a Second Amendment right as members of the state militia to possess military-grade weapons. He said Tennessee’s state guard arsenal included only 21 M-16 rifles for 3,500 volunteer soldiers...Hamblen...was convicted and served 13 months in prison. He says he’s spent roughly $50,000 on legal fees. Hamblen (asserts) that all gun control laws are unconstitutional. “If a person can afford to buy it, they can have it,” he says...Both the Eighth Circuit in St. Louis and the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco have held that individuals do not enjoy a Second Amendment right to possess unregistered machine guns...
If the founders had intended for there to be reasonable restrictions on the Second Amendment they would have put that in the language [of the amendment],” he said. “They were certainly capable of writing ‘unreasonable’ into the Fourth Amendment when it talks about unreasonable searches and seizures.”...Hamblen... says...that he’s received no help from gun-rights advocates. “They are treating me like I’m a skunk at the picnic,” he said...
Full story @:http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Justice/2009/1230/No-right-to-bear-unlicensed-machine-guns-federal-court-says
Is it any wonder this story has been "spiked" by the lamestream media?. This is a discussion many want swept under the rug and kept there!! (for obvious reasons)......S9