Monday, January 4, 2010

6th Supremes say:No Full-Auto conversions for State Militia

A former commander in the Tennessee State Guard has lost an appeal to overturn his conviction for trying to provide his soldiers with homemade machine guns for possible use in defending the state. On Wednesday, a federal appeals court in Cincinnati threw the case out of court. “Whatever the individual right to keep and bear arms might entail, it does not authorize an unlicensed individual to possess unregistered machine guns for personal use,” (State use is not personal use! - S9) said the three-judge panel of the Sixth US Circuit Court of Appeals...At trial and in his appeal, Mr. Hamblen argued that he and his soldiers had a Second Amendment right as members of the state militia to possess military-grade weapons. He said Tennessee’s state guard arsenal included only 21 M-16 rifles for 3,500 volunteer soldiers...Hamblen...was convicted and served 13 months in prison. He says he’s spent roughly $50,000 on legal fees. Hamblen (asserts) that all gun control laws are unconstitutional. “If a person can afford to buy it, they can have it,” he says...Both the Eighth Circuit in St. Louis and the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco have held that individuals do not enjoy a Second Amendment right to possess unregistered machine guns...
If the founders had intended for there to be reasonable restrictions on the Second Amendment they would have put that in the language [of the amendment],” he said. “They were certainly capable of writing ‘unreasonable’ into the Fourth Amendment when it talks about unreasonable searches and seizures.”...Hamblen... says...that he’s received no help from gun-rights advocates. “They are treating me like I’m a skunk at the picnic,” he said...
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Is it any wonder this story has been "spiked" by the lamestream media?. This is a discussion many want swept under the rug and kept there!! (for obvious reasons)......S9

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