Saturday, February 26, 2011

AS-50 BMG Semi-Auto in action (Video)

The Accuracy International AS-50 Semi-Auto long range rifle steps in to compete in territory where Ron Barrett's combat proven .50BMG Semi-Auto Rifles are dominant. Check out the video and decide for yourself which is superior. Courtesy of Defencetalk - (S9)

100 M-4 (AR15's) to be bought for Cleveland Police

Cleveland Police will have new weapons in its arsenal to fight crime -- 100 assault rifles.
The department hopes to purchase Stag M4 rifles this summer for its Community Service, Downtown and Airport units to use in addition to the standard issue shotguns. "The new guns are necessary for today's climate," said Sgt. Sammy Morris. "They hold more rounds and are far more accurate than a shotgun...The city's SWAT unite has similar Rock River rifles. Eventually, the rifles will be standard issue for police officers who meet the qualifications. The cost of the rifles will be determined through a bidding process...
---Full story at the Plain Dealer---
It is clear that the reporter who wrote this story (Sangiacomo) is lacking in knowledge about firearms, and also needs a proofreader ("unite" instead of "unit"), not exactly a confidence builder. I'm sure there will be controversy about the purchase in this anti-gun area of Ohio - (S9)

Cops recover 2 AK-47's, Kill Bandit in Gunfight (Nigeria)

A member of an armed robbery group terrorising Port Harcourt has been gunned down by men of the Rivers State Police command, recovering two AK 47 rifles, two magazines and four live ammunitions from the group at the end of the operation...the policemen retaliated with a counter fire, a situation that led to  the death of one of the robbers.
---Full report at  Vanguard Online---
Wild shootouts between ruthless criminals and questionable Cops are not uncommon in Nigeria, and of course the most common weapons are beat up but still serviceable Kalashnikov variants. With politics being what they are, it's amazing that crime there is not worse than it already is - (S9)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Re-Import of M-1 Semi-Autos may be unblocked by Congressional bill

Montana’s Congressman, Denny Rehberg, sponsored legislation to compel the State Department to allow the importation of 857,470 lawful M1 semi-automatic rifles into the United States...“Whether it’s importing legal rifles or blaming legal firearms sales for the violence of Mexican drug criminals, this State Department has appointed itself as the spearhead of regulatory gun control in America,” said Rehberg...we absolutely should not be allowing the Administration to restrict the importation of legal guns on the whim of an anti-gun bureaucracy.” In its decision to block the importation of these rifles, the State Department claimed that the M1’s “could potentially be exploited... for illicit purposes.”...
---Go to Congressman Rehbergs Page--- 
The State Dept., run by "Hildebeast" Clinton, wife of the most anti-gun/anti semi-auto President in recent history (while serving under an equally anti-gun current President who will not intervene in this situation), has corruptly misused her position to enforce an unwarranted gun ban under the guise of regulation, in contravention to the U.S. Constitution. It is a shame that a Congressman has to introduce legislation to force State/Clinton to abide by the constitution they have sworn to uphold, yet blatantly refuse to do so when firearms are the issue. "Illicit purposes" my buttocks, what Gen. Patton called "the greatest battle implement ever devised" and a technological marvel is still a 10 pound 8 shot rifle, designed in the 1930's, ill suited for criminal misuse: only a fool, liar or both would assert so! (S9)

South Africa sold Rifles to Libya, Govt. denial exposed

Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu...refuted suggestions that South Africa has sold sniper rifles to Libya.
"Have we sold any sniper rifles to Libya? Not that I’m aware of," she said in response to a question during a media briefing at Parliament....On August 6, 2009, NCACC chairman Jeff Radebe had "admitted that Libya has purchased various weapons kinds from South Africa"..."However, in addition to this, we understand that more than 100 sniper rifles and more than 50,000 rounds of ammunition were exported to Libya in late 2010." This raised a serious question because there had been multiple reports that security forces used sniper rifles to fire on protesters in Libya....
---Full report at Business Day---
Suddenly the transfer of so-called "sniper rifles" becomes an issue because Col. Khadaffi's security men are allegedly using these firearms against internal opposition?. Hypocritical political correctness from SA leftists in power supporting their freedom hating pals in Libya...(S9)

AK-74M rifles to be assembled in Azerbaijan

The first AK-74M rifles will be assembled in Azerbaijan by the Russian license in late 2011...At present, the licensed assembly of AK-74M rifles is under development in accordance with the contract signed with the Russian concern Izhmash...
---Full story at Trend---
So the Azerbaijanis will be getting the latest version of the Kalashnikov available for their Military & Police. Is this just profit for the Russians, a reward to allies, or both?...(S9)

Friday, February 18, 2011

222 Assault Rifles Possessed by Illegal Aliens headed to Mex Feds Charge

File Photo
Federal prosecutors in Arizona say two illegal immigrants from Mexico have been indicted after they were found to possess a combined 222 assault rifles and five pistols that authorities say were headed to Mexico...the guns were later seized in the border city of Laredo, Texas...The immigrants are charged with being an illegal alien in possession of a firearm.
---Full Story at AP---
No info on who made these arrests (which is suspicious, since certain agencies are grandstanding for publicity on this issue). As usual the guns are called "assault rifles" but in this context that term is useless in describing what kind of firearms were actually seized (machineguns? Semi-Autos? etc), and why only a measly 5 unspecified "pistols" in comparison to over 200 rifles?. Something is rotten with this story for certain...(S9)

Monday, February 14, 2011

SPECOPS get Mod muzzle flash suppressors for 50 BMG's

U.S. Special Operations Forces are being equipped with .50-caliber muzzle flash suppressors from Arizona's Smith Enterprise Inc. The contract is from U.S. Naval Service Warfare-Crane, the Navy's testing and contracting division for the U.S. Special Operations Command, which includes the Army Rangers, Navy SEALS and other Special Operations Forces...rigid testing performed by NSW Crane showed that the Vortex Eliminator was superior to other suppressors, easily passing the 95 percent flash reduction threshold through 10,000 rounds of machine gun fire..."Flash suppression is especially needed for .50-caliber gunners in Afghanistan because many mounted vehicle gunners are often exposed to enemy snipers during mounted combat patrols … the gunners are essential when fending off enemy ambushes at night."...
---Full Report at UPI---
Good to see SFOC are willing to go outside the chain (with American ingenuity firms nonetheless) to get the best gear to keep our snuffies coming back alive from their perilous missions greasing terrs (I bet you good money they have to fight the slow thinkers and "who-cares-about-casualties" types to get er' done too!). some good news for a change! (Personal note: A good Bro' of mine works at Crane) - (S9)

Swiss Victory: Given the choice, Swiss vote to keep their guns

A Criminal monopoly on guns? NO!
The decision was hailed as a victory by gun enthusiasts, sports shooters and supporters of Switzerland's citizen soldier tradition. "This is an important sign of confidence in our soldiers," said Pius Segmueller, a lawmaker with the Christian People's Party and former commander of the Vatican's Swiss Guard. In Switzerland, where all able-bodied men are required to perform military duty, many choose to take their army-issued rifle home with them even after completing military service...The clear defeat of the proposal - 56.3 percent of voters rejected it...

independent-minded Swiss...have resisted the lure of joining the European Union..."Switzerland is different," said Dora Andres, president of the country's sport shooting association. "In many countries the government doesn't trust its citizens and feels it has to protect them. In Switzerland, because we have a system of popular referendums, the state has to have faith in its citizens."...
---Full biased story by Frank Jordans of AP, who does not hesitate to paint this victory and the Swiss in the most negative light possible, can be found Here ..All the other reports on this I have checked have the same negative tone, "sour grapes" for the gun ban fans who have failed again, and don't even try to hide their bias in the media, commentary masquerading as "news". Yet we are told we are "paranoid" if we point out an international conspiracy against firearms ownership? They control the propaganda, so what choice is there but to resist and expose them whenever possible...(S9)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

7 Somali Pirates Face Death Sentence Under Firearms Charge

Ahmad Othman Jamal, Abdil Eid Hasan, Koore Mohamad Abdile, Abdi Hakim Mohd Abdi and three underaged males were charged under the Firearms (Increased Penalties) Act 1971 with committing the offence with the intent to cause death or hurt...On Jan 20, Malaysian navy commandos had rescued the MT Bunga Laurel from Somali pirates armed with AK-47 rifles 333 nautical miles east of Oman under an exercise codenamed "Operasi Fajar" undertaken jointly with a Royal Malaysian Navy vessel, Bunga Mas 5.
---Full Report at Bernama News---
Notice the media here has ignored or spiked this story of a heroic successful Commando raid against murderous Pirates, and the subsequent death penalty proceedings. Can you say "political correctness" strikes again?. Showing the military in a positive light and punishing armed criminal depredations with the ultimate penalty is not to be encouraged as decided by the panty-waists controlling the newsrooms of the west, particularly in anti gun/military U.S. media outlets...(S9)

Man accused of killing 4 during stabbing rampage across NYC

Lethal "Assault Weapon"
Maksim Gelman was awaiting arraignment in Brooklyn on charges that he hacked three people to death, then stalked the city for more than a day, attacking innocent strangers, hijacking vehicles and killing a pedestrian with a car...He was scheduled to be arraigned sometime in the evening, or possibly Monday morning, on charges including four counts of murder, one count of attempted murder and other offenses including robbery and assault...Gelman was known to be a troublemaker and has a criminal history, but the arrests were mostly non-violent, for criminal possession of a controlled substance, criminal mischief or graffiti, though some of his arrest records were sealed...
---Full Report at The Sentinel---Also find similar story from New Jersey (another anti-gun State) here
The sad fact is that due to the predominant anti-gun bias in the media, this killing spree has to be notable because the murderer did NOT use a firearm (and still managed to kill 4 and wound many more in the process with his "assault weapons": Knives and vehicles, no firearms needed). Notice that the media reports are just the opposite in tone from when a killer misuses a firearm. Don't think this is accidental by any means, and don't expect calls for knife and car bans by the usual suspects either, since it is much easier to demonize firearms than kitchen knives... (S9)

NRA's Wayne LaPierre: "Government Policies Are Getting us Killed"

National Rifle Association president Wayne LaPierre harshly criticized gun control advocates, the Obama administration and members of the media at the Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday, arguing that they are lying when they say bans on certain firearms or ammunition clips will protect Americans.
LaPierre said U.S. gun laws provide more protection to killers like the Virginia Tech and Tucson shooters than to the victims of their attacks...He condemned "gun-free zones and anti-self defense laws that protected the safety of no one except the killers and condemned the victims to death without so much as a prayer." "Government policies are getting us killed," he said...
"it's time for some frank talk." The media and "political elites," he said, "won't admit the truth." He said it's "dishonest" to suggest that by passing laws we can "legislate evil out of people's hearts."..."These clowns want to ban magazines," LaPierre said. "Are you kidding me? But that's their response to the blizzard of violence and mayhem affecting our nation. One more gun law on top of all of the laws already on the books."... "the presence of a firearm" in the hands of good people "makes us all safer."..."the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." LaPierre argued that everyone is safer when bad people "can't tell the difference between the lions and the lambs."...LaPierre then criticized the media for showing images of the Tucson shooter and not focusing more on the victims of his attack, stating, "the national media wasted no time in making a celebrity out of the deranged killer." The media "turns a madman into a hero for every potential deranged copycat out there," he said. "It's sick, it's wrong and the media ought to be ashamed of themselves."
Toward the end of the speech, LaPierre played a graphic 911 call of a woman being attacked in her home. He said she is "who we are fighting for."...
---Full Report at anti-gun biased CBS News---
NRA and LaPierre have haters on both sides of the political spectrum with nothing better to do than carp & snipe. Well, haters are gonna' hate, but one thing is certain, LaPierre will stand up and say what has to be said whether you like him or not. That takes balls and demands respect no matter what...(S9)

Weapons distributor admits to smuggling AK-47 magazines

German-born weapons distributor admitted in federal court...he smuggled Chinese-made AK-47 magazines into the United States for purchase by a Chili-based company. Karl Kleber, 56, admitted that he helped fabricate markings on the drum magazines to make them appear as if they were manufactured in Bulgaria and, in turn, could be legally imported into the United States. The magazines, which hold the rifle's rounds until they are fired, were actually made in China. The U.S. bans Chinese-made weaponry and ammunition...Kleber and his co-defendants sold 5,760 magazines...for $345,600, authorities say....
---Full Story at  Democrat & Cronicle---
The irony here is that thousands of these magazines are in circulation legally, but for them being arbitrarily "banned", there would have been no incentive for these people to do what they allegedly did...Meanwhile, violent criminals rampage as actual menaces to society...(S9)

2 semi-automatic guns, 37 rounds found at garbage treatment plant

A worker at a garbage processing plant in Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture, found two semi-automatic guns and 37 rounds of ammunition on Tuesday. Police suspect the firearms’ owner found proper disposal of the weapons difficult...police are continuing to investigate the origin of the guns, ownership of which is illegal under the Japanese swords and firearms control law...
---Full story at Japan today---
Only in a country that bans firearms ownership is this a "major story". No real info on the firearms, and 37 rounds is a laughably paltry amount of ammunition. No real info on these arms are given. For all we know, this could have been old World War 2 era Nambu pistols that should be in a museum but for the paranoid Japanese gun laws ended up in the garbage instead...(S9)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

White House says no to giving ATF broad powers on border guns

The White House has rejected a request from the U.S. agency that monitors weapons sales to give them emergency authority requiring firearms dealers near the Mexican border to report multiple purchases of high-powered rifles. Instead, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' proposed requirement will undergo a standard, three-month review period, opening it to public comment....----Full article here---- Here we go again. This story is obviously written by some anti-gun 'journalist" totally ignorant about firearms ("high-powered rifles"? Scare-tactics language!) and clearly a running dog for BATFE. This "emergency authority" is nothing more than sneaky backdoor gun-banning by unconstitutional bureaucratic regulation, based on unproven outright lies and myths. The fact that they tried to ram this through under the nose of the public proves the point, and the only reason it has been delayed by "the white house" was because whistle-blowing righteous BATFE agents let the cat out of the bag. This thing needs a stake hammered through it's heart, never to be resurrected! (S9)

Modder adds vidgame/movie style ammo counter to automatic firearm

It may not be the first time than an actual weapon has been equipped with an FPS-style ammo counter (or Aliens pulse rifle-style, if you prefer), but this add-on device built by the DIY-minded Michael Ciuffo is certainly still plenty impressive enough to garner some attention on its own....
----Complete entry and videos here----
Videogame/"First Person Shooter" fictional tech evolves into reality, and pretty cool reality at that. In the future, they will be amazed at firearms without such a gadget, as it becomes more ergonomic and commonplace. Duke Nukem would approve... (S9)

Czech military gets new rifles: CZ 805 BREN

The Czech Republic's military forces are being equipped with new assault rifles from a local manufacturer starting in July.The weapon is the CZ 805 BREN made by Ceska zbrojovka...The Czech Ministry of Defense said the rifle comes in two variants -- long barrel and short barrel -- and replaces the 7.62mm vz. 58, in use by Czechoslovak and Czech militaries for more than 50 years...Both 7.62 x 39mm and NATO standard 5.56 x 45mm cartridges can be used....
----Full Report at UPI----
C.Z. has long had a reputation for making quality firearms (In fact, that was the main reason Hitler wanted to invade the country in WW2, to take over the arms factories). This new BREN will likely be an excellent weapon (S9)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

NZ Pols waffle on arming Cops while criminals rampage unrestrained

Guns likely for frontline police cars

Just days after Senior Constable Bruce Mellor suffered horrific injuries when two machete-wielding youths attacked him near Taihape, Police Commissioner Howard Broad yesterday presented Police Minister Judith Collins with a report recommending police carry guns in frontline patrol vehicles as a matter of course...
Nine officers have been shot in the past two years, two fatally, and the assault on Mr Mellor has also raised concerns about the safety of police patrolling rural areas on their own.
The report follows a review of firearms policy initiated in July after Christchurch policemen Mitchel Alatalo and Bruce Lamb were shot during a drug search...
Prime Minister John Key said it was "inevitable" that police would get easier access to firearms.
"Whether that will actually make them safer, I think the jury is out."
Although Mr Key said he was shocked by the injuries inflicted on Mr Mellor, greater access to firearms might make police safer "at the margins" but was unlikely to prove "the panacea to all the problems"....
----Full story at NZ Herald----
First they forced a gun ban on the people, backed with lies, now crime is out of control and criminals have a free hand to intimidate while the law-abiding are hapless victims, including the Cops. Now, they even debate if the Cops need guns for self-defense while their  dead bodies pile up, so what chance do the people have to resist crime?. This is what results from the foolishness of anti-gun Utopians: Innocent blood spills while pie-in-the sky platitudes are self-righteously intoned. These clowns are NOT your friends, as are any that prevent you from self-defense....(S9)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Swiss Gun Ban/Militia Supression "Initiative" Vote Looms

The initiative was launched by an alliance of more than 70 NGOs and is backed by centre-left political parties.
It aims to introduce a strict licensing system for the use of firearms and seeks a ban on the purchase of automatic weapons and pump action shotguns. 
It also demands the creation of a central register for firearms, instead of a cantonal system.
Members of the militia army could no longer store their army-issue guns at home but would have to take them to an arsenal.
Centre-left and some centre-right parties are backing the initiative, while a majority in parliament as well as the government have come out against.  Swiss voters will have the final say on the issue on February 13.
---Full Story at SwissInfo ---
While in the USA, lawful gun-owners are called "paranoid" and "kooks" when pointing to an international gun ban conspiracy (See Books by Wayne LaPierre on the subject), and the public is encouraged to believe this fiction and ridicule gun owners through media "mind control" propaganda and the big cash of millionaires like George Soros & Michael Bloomberg, and "NGO's" fueling the constituency they don't have in reality. Yet anyone with open eyes can see and connect the dots. The aforementioned gun ban in Belgium, the latest anti-gun moves in the USA, and now this so-called "initiative" striking at the very heart of the Swiss, none of this is accidental or coincidental. This is a classic totalitarian Bully-Boy tactic: Show the rest you can take down the big boy and they will fall in line with little resistance. Don't be a victim...Don't be fooled and browbeaten into giving up your rights!!...(S9)