Monday, February 14, 2011

SPECOPS get Mod muzzle flash suppressors for 50 BMG's

U.S. Special Operations Forces are being equipped with .50-caliber muzzle flash suppressors from Arizona's Smith Enterprise Inc. The contract is from U.S. Naval Service Warfare-Crane, the Navy's testing and contracting division for the U.S. Special Operations Command, which includes the Army Rangers, Navy SEALS and other Special Operations Forces...rigid testing performed by NSW Crane showed that the Vortex Eliminator was superior to other suppressors, easily passing the 95 percent flash reduction threshold through 10,000 rounds of machine gun fire..."Flash suppression is especially needed for .50-caliber gunners in Afghanistan because many mounted vehicle gunners are often exposed to enemy snipers during mounted combat patrols … the gunners are essential when fending off enemy ambushes at night."...
---Full Report at UPI---
Good to see SFOC are willing to go outside the chain (with American ingenuity firms nonetheless) to get the best gear to keep our snuffies coming back alive from their perilous missions greasing terrs (I bet you good money they have to fight the slow thinkers and "who-cares-about-casualties" types to get er' done too!). some good news for a change! (Personal note: A good Bro' of mine works at Crane) - (S9)

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