Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weapons distributor admits to smuggling AK-47 magazines

German-born weapons distributor admitted in federal court...he smuggled Chinese-made AK-47 magazines into the United States for purchase by a Chili-based company. Karl Kleber, 56, admitted that he helped fabricate markings on the drum magazines to make them appear as if they were manufactured in Bulgaria and, in turn, could be legally imported into the United States. The magazines, which hold the rifle's rounds until they are fired, were actually made in China. The U.S. bans Chinese-made weaponry and ammunition...Kleber and his co-defendants sold 5,760 magazines...for $345,600, authorities say....
---Full Story at  Democrat & Cronicle---
The irony here is that thousands of these magazines are in circulation legally, but for them being arbitrarily "banned", there would have been no incentive for these people to do what they allegedly did...Meanwhile, violent criminals rampage as actual menaces to society...(S9)

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