Sunday, February 13, 2011

7 Somali Pirates Face Death Sentence Under Firearms Charge

Ahmad Othman Jamal, Abdil Eid Hasan, Koore Mohamad Abdile, Abdi Hakim Mohd Abdi and three underaged males were charged under the Firearms (Increased Penalties) Act 1971 with committing the offence with the intent to cause death or hurt...On Jan 20, Malaysian navy commandos had rescued the MT Bunga Laurel from Somali pirates armed with AK-47 rifles 333 nautical miles east of Oman under an exercise codenamed "Operasi Fajar" undertaken jointly with a Royal Malaysian Navy vessel, Bunga Mas 5.
---Full Report at Bernama News---
Notice the media here has ignored or spiked this story of a heroic successful Commando raid against murderous Pirates, and the subsequent death penalty proceedings. Can you say "political correctness" strikes again?. Showing the military in a positive light and punishing armed criminal depredations with the ultimate penalty is not to be encouraged as decided by the panty-waists controlling the newsrooms of the west, particularly in anti gun/military U.S. media outlets...(S9)

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