Thursday, February 3, 2011

NZ Pols waffle on arming Cops while criminals rampage unrestrained

Guns likely for frontline police cars

Just days after Senior Constable Bruce Mellor suffered horrific injuries when two machete-wielding youths attacked him near Taihape, Police Commissioner Howard Broad yesterday presented Police Minister Judith Collins with a report recommending police carry guns in frontline patrol vehicles as a matter of course...
Nine officers have been shot in the past two years, two fatally, and the assault on Mr Mellor has also raised concerns about the safety of police patrolling rural areas on their own.
The report follows a review of firearms policy initiated in July after Christchurch policemen Mitchel Alatalo and Bruce Lamb were shot during a drug search...
Prime Minister John Key said it was "inevitable" that police would get easier access to firearms.
"Whether that will actually make them safer, I think the jury is out."
Although Mr Key said he was shocked by the injuries inflicted on Mr Mellor, greater access to firearms might make police safer "at the margins" but was unlikely to prove "the panacea to all the problems"....
----Full story at NZ Herald----
First they forced a gun ban on the people, backed with lies, now crime is out of control and criminals have a free hand to intimidate while the law-abiding are hapless victims, including the Cops. Now, they even debate if the Cops need guns for self-defense while their  dead bodies pile up, so what chance do the people have to resist crime?. This is what results from the foolishness of anti-gun Utopians: Innocent blood spills while pie-in-the sky platitudes are self-righteously intoned. These clowns are NOT your friends, as are any that prevent you from self-defense....(S9)

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