Saturday, February 26, 2011

100 M-4 (AR15's) to be bought for Cleveland Police

Cleveland Police will have new weapons in its arsenal to fight crime -- 100 assault rifles.
The department hopes to purchase Stag M4 rifles this summer for its Community Service, Downtown and Airport units to use in addition to the standard issue shotguns. "The new guns are necessary for today's climate," said Sgt. Sammy Morris. "They hold more rounds and are far more accurate than a shotgun...The city's SWAT unite has similar Rock River rifles. Eventually, the rifles will be standard issue for police officers who meet the qualifications. The cost of the rifles will be determined through a bidding process...
---Full story at the Plain Dealer---
It is clear that the reporter who wrote this story (Sangiacomo) is lacking in knowledge about firearms, and also needs a proofreader ("unite" instead of "unit"), not exactly a confidence builder. I'm sure there will be controversy about the purchase in this anti-gun area of Ohio - (S9)

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