Monday, February 14, 2011

Swiss Victory: Given the choice, Swiss vote to keep their guns

A Criminal monopoly on guns? NO!
The decision was hailed as a victory by gun enthusiasts, sports shooters and supporters of Switzerland's citizen soldier tradition. "This is an important sign of confidence in our soldiers," said Pius Segmueller, a lawmaker with the Christian People's Party and former commander of the Vatican's Swiss Guard. In Switzerland, where all able-bodied men are required to perform military duty, many choose to take their army-issued rifle home with them even after completing military service...The clear defeat of the proposal - 56.3 percent of voters rejected it...

independent-minded Swiss...have resisted the lure of joining the European Union..."Switzerland is different," said Dora Andres, president of the country's sport shooting association. "In many countries the government doesn't trust its citizens and feels it has to protect them. In Switzerland, because we have a system of popular referendums, the state has to have faith in its citizens."...
---Full biased story by Frank Jordans of AP, who does not hesitate to paint this victory and the Swiss in the most negative light possible, can be found Here ..All the other reports on this I have checked have the same negative tone, "sour grapes" for the gun ban fans who have failed again, and don't even try to hide their bias in the media, commentary masquerading as "news". Yet we are told we are "paranoid" if we point out an international conspiracy against firearms ownership? They control the propaganda, so what choice is there but to resist and expose them whenever possible...(S9)

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