Wednesday, July 29, 2009

End of freedom for the Emeralds

Ahern signs new gun control act into law
Justice Minister Dermot Ahern has signed new gun control legislation into law.
The act bans handguns in Ireland
and also introduces a requirement for referees, background medical checks and standards for the safe keeping of guns in the home for all firearms licence applicants. It also makes it an offence to brandish a realistic imitation firearm in public. Mr Ahern says the legislation is designed to halt the emergence of a gun culture in Ireland.
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So there you have it. Not with a bang, with not even a wimper, not even a debate! God forbid! The formerly honored and brave Irishmen have been put to heel like curs by a Quisling Police bureaucrat who has removed their right to effective self-defense with a casual stroke of a pen...Gelded, castrated...Callously using the depredations of the criminal minded to neuter the law-abiding. Mightier than the sword indeed. There are many in the USA who dream of being able to do the same tyrannical acts, and are working hard at it, so I say God Bless the 2nd Amendment and all who support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic....(S9)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"AK-47" Propaganda Skirmish(Video)

Another failed opportunity to clarify the difference between semi-auto Vs. full-auto by someone articulate enough to know better, but permits a talking-head with an inflammatory anti-gun propagandist agenda control the debate...This is linked at the Codrea page, where the observations are incisive, so go to:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where only Cops have Guns, it's called a Police State...

Notice that the Cops & legal CCW holders are portrayed as the "problem", not predatory criminals(!). This is what happens in crime ridden locales where the Gov & police Bigwigs, that are abject failures too lazy to lean on the criminals, are in charge, and these are mere handguns, not semi-automatic long guns. The local terrorists have plenty of real full-automatic machineguns, but are fond of beheading unarmed civilians over there. So what this obviously means is that the local population are untrustworthy with firearms, be it police, criminals, terrorists or civilians, right?...NRA & CCW proponents: Can you see the handwriting on the wall?...S9
PNP bans tucking of gun on waist
The Philippine National Police (PNP) will no longer allow policemen and civilians from tucking their handguns on their waist, threatening harsh penalties to those who would dare violate the new policy. The move is not only meant for the security of careless gun owners who might hit their sensitive part while hiding the guns on their waist but more for the protection of civilians from the abuses of those who own firearms. Director General Jesus Verzosa, PNP chief, said even those who try to find excuse by using holsters will not be spared, stressing that the rule is that only policemen in proper uniform will be allowed to do so while civilian gun owners are totally prohibited from displaying their firearms in public based on the policy stated on the issuance of permit to carry firearms outside residence (PTCFOR). “We will issue appropriate circular to our personnel that would prohibit that when they are not in uniform. For civilian gun owners, we will specify on the provision under the PTCFOR that hiding or putting their guns on the waist will also be prohibited,” said Verzosa. “All of those firearms should be kept and carried by using handbags or clutch bags,” he stressed. *(Making them easy items for a snatch 7 grab by street criminals, and harder to present in an emergency!-S9)*
What they are trying to prevent, Verzosa stressed, are cases wherein both erring policemen and civilian gun owners are using the privilege given to them to carry firearms to commit abuses on unarmed civilians. He cited a recent case in Quezon City wherein a ranking official of the AMA University was caught in a television video footage attacking a gasoline station attendant with a .45 pistol tucked on his waist. (So everyone has to be punished because one person screwed up? Typical tyranny in action! - S9) “It is unfortunate that there are cases wherein the guns are being used to scare other people, commit abuses and other violations of the law,” said Verzosa. For the PNP personnel, Verzosa said they will issue the guideline on no-gun-on-waist policy any time next week and as for civilian gun owners, he said the policy is now being ironed out at the level of the Firearms and Explosive Division of the PNP. “Policemen who will be caught with a handgun on their waist or displaying it to the public while in civilian clothes will be charged administratively for grave offenses. For civilians it will be revocation of license and the permit to carry,”...
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High demand for bullets puts strain on manufacturers

When you see the title use the term "bullets" instead of "ammunition", you already know what you are going to get here...This so-called "article" is long on unsubstantiated speculation , and short on actual quantifiable facts. In short, the intent is to, again, portray gun-owners as "whackos", while giving the government a pass, despite the fact that the current administration is on the record as pushing forward to implement the same anti-gun actions this article paints as fantasy. Biased so-called "journalism" in your face as clearly anti-firearms...More of the usual... S9
Sales of semi-automatic guns have fallen sharply, but now it's the bullet manufacturers who can't keep up with demand. In most cases locally, however, retailers are experiencing no long-term, across-the-board shortages. "There are just more people that are panic-buying, and the manufacturers are going to keep smiling as long as they continue to do it," said Joan Garrett, who has sold guns and ammo at Quint's Sporting Goods in Saraland for 30 years. Politics and the economy are both are work, according to manufacturer representatives who've spoken to Garrett. They're unable to add capacity because of uncertain financing, she said, and because the government could "shoot them down with one stroke of the pen." The industry saw frenzied purchases of guns and ammunition shortly after Democrats triumphed in the 2008 election. Gun advocates worried that the party's gun-control wing would immediately move to pass a new ban on military-style rifles.
Local dealers agree the demand for the semi-automatic weapons — so-called "black guns" — has tumbled in the last two months. But demand for ammo remains. "It's been a combination of things," said Del Williamson, who owns Quint's. "It's a fact that the military and law enforcement are going to get their quotas, and with two wars going on, that takes a lot of inventory of certain military calibers like the .223 and .308 out of the market at home." Rumors spread via the Internet have also had an effect. "There's been talk of the government mandating that manufacturers put a code on each bullet or that they'll be forced to go to a short-shelf-life powder to prevent hoarding," he said....
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gun sales soar amid fears of Barack Obama weapons ban

"I've sold probably four times as much in the last six months as I have in 20 years combined," said Cliff Hunter, owner of Tommy Bronson Sporting Goods in Memphis. "Hand guns and the tactical weapons, they're absolutely off the charts." Most of his gun sales used to be for hunting, or personal protection in a city riddled with crime. But just before the November election, anxiety that Mr Obama would win and enact a radical programme of curtailing gun rights began drove business right up. "Obama's a liberal socialist and I think he's proven quickly how extreme he is," he said. "When they get through healthcare, guns are on the table. They're not talking about it but it's going to happen."..."Sales have been up 50, 60 per cent since Osama got elected," said Jay Hill, owner of the Classic Firearms gun store in Cordova, just outside Memphis, smiling as he deliberately mixed up the name of the US president with the leader of al-Qaeda. "He speaks with a forked tongue. I don't trust him a bit." Crime would always mean there was a demand for gun, especially in a state like Tennessee which is in the South and where permits to carry a concealed weapon are available. This week, a travelling jewellery salesman who was ambushed by four men, at least two of them armed, pulled out his pistol and shot two of them. The other two would-be robbers fled as the wounded men lay moaning on the ground. "Bingo," said Mr Hill. "They're in critical condition in hospital last time I heard. He had a hand gun and a legal carry permit, so he's back at home having dinner with the kids. Mark one up for the good guy." While Mr Hill does not believe an outright ban would be attempted, he suspects that a "backdoor" attempt to limit gun ownership might be on the cards. "What they want to do is limit the amount of handguns you can buy, assault rifles, things like that. The constitution doesn't say you have the right to keep and bear ammunition. A car's no good without gasoline so one way you can get to banning or controlling guns is by attacking the ammo." Sales of high-end collectible rifles, which cost several thousand dollars, have fallen as the recession has deepened. But the value of military-style rifles such as the AR-15, a semi-automatic civilian variant of the US military’s fully-automatic M-16, had increased by at least 25 per cent. This has made modern rifles a potentially lucrative investment. Some people are banking on Mr Obama introducing gun control legislation, a move that would lead to a hefty profit as demand soared and people scrambled to beat a ban on purchases. A week before the election, Mr Hunter bought about 20 SIG 556 rifles. "I'd probably sold six or eight of those in 20 years. I placed one call to an investment firm here in Memphis and within 45 minutes every one had been pre-sold. "People are afraid they won't be able to get them in the future. Everybody's guessing what they [the Obama administration] are going to do. People are stockpiling ammunition. We're just starting to see more inventory on that but ammo is not slowing down." Americans, he said, would not allow their Second Amendment right to bear arms to be taken away from them...
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Facts Don't Matter (Codrea:"Mexican Standoff")

The facts don't matter. Reinstatement of the federal "assault weapon" ban that lapsed in 2004 matters, and is nothing short of a fetish among powerful supporters who will tell almost any untruth to achieve it. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said she would pick the time and place to ram the ban through. The foundation work for her plan includes TV face time for renewal activists, and politicians and law enforcement organizations that will get larger budgets and more power if the ban is reinstated. Journalists don't always repeat these lies in bad faith. Often they publish untruths as a combination of journalistic ignorance of firearm features and laws, and anti-gun loathing common to the "metrosexual" class. Canadian-born Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer admitted as much before the first "assault weapon" ban went into effect in 1994: "The 'assault weapons ban' will have no effect either on the crime rate or on personal security. ... Its only real justification is not to reduce crime but to desensitize the public to the regulation of (all) weapons in preparation for their ultimate confiscation."...
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Political concerns, shortages cause spike in gun, ammo sales

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have been called many things since they took office in January. Now gun dealers and aficionados have given them another title. "Mr. Obama and Joe Biden are the best gun salesmen ever,"..."People are scared and buying everything they can." Fear of an Obama administration push for stricter gun control has, in part, helped fuel a nationwide run on firearms and ammunition that has kept store shelves empty and prices high. "Gun owners are politically savvy. The current administration poses a risk to the Second Amendment freedoms,"...She cited as an example Attorney General Eric Holder's call to reinstitute a ban on assault weapons, a ban that expired during George W. Bush's presidency...
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Two Presidents: A Comparison

While U.S. President Obama lies about his anti-gun record, his intent to ban semi-autos, and his negativity toward our Military & Police; Russian President Medvedev is seen handling a tricked out AK and an exotic machine-pistol at the FSB SWAT center in Dagestan. Which guy would you want watching your back in a combat situation?...S9

Israel agrees to delivery of assault rifles

Israel agrees delivery of assault rifles to Palestinians
Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has authorized the delivery of a thousand Kalashnikov assault rifles to the security forces of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA)
. The Jerusalem Post said, citing defense officials, the shipment from an identified supplier is currently being examined by ballistic experts in Israel to enable the Israeli authorities to track the weapons and prevent their use in potential terrorist attacks. "This is the second major transfer of weapons to the Palestinians approved by Israel in the past year. Fifty BTR-70 armored vehicles, donated by Russia are currently waiting in Jordan for final checks before being transferred to the PNA," the paper said...The U.S. has helped to train four Palestinian security battalions, totaling over 2,000 soldiers...
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For the record, these are true selective fire (machineguns/full-automatic capable) "assault rifles", NOT the semi-automatic look-alike versions demonized as "AK-47's" in the USA by the lying mind-control propagandist gun confiscation anti-2nd Amendment degenerate tyrannical forces of evil...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Depp:Kids should learn firearms(?)

Johnny Depp wants to teach his kids to handle guns
Johnny Depp is keen on teaching his children to handle guns. The 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star, who learnt shooting at the age of six in Kentucky where he grew up, wants to pass on his experience to his kids. "We would just go out and line up a bunch of cans and shoot with rifles, handguns and at times, submachine guns," the Daily Star quoted him as saying. "When I was a kid it was a controlled atmosphere, we weren't shooting at humans - we were shooting at cans and bottles mostly. I will most certainly take my kids out for target practice," he added....
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Interesting. Depp has been quoted in the past as wanting to raise his kids in France to avoid American influence. Now, with his new film just released, playing submachine gun toting criminal bank robber John Dillinger (the poster boy for how NOT to utilize firearms!), "suddenly" Depp is advocating shooting sports and gun-culture for the little wet-noses (Why does the phrase "Cynical opportunist" come to mind here?). Notice that his KY family owned actual legal full-automatic submachineguns (Kentucky is a Class III state) and no mention of the demonized and lied about semi-automatic firearms whatsoever. Growing up where submachineguns are considered normal, mere semi-automatics would be seen as no big deal, which in reality is true anyway. Only the gun-hating propagandist lying mind-controlling elitist totalitarians, and their running dogs, make a big deal out of normal semi-automatics, in furthering their illegitimate tyrannical gun ban agenda...One thing is certain: You damn sure ain't gonna' teach your kids safe gunhandling in France!...(The Swiss specialize on that in Europe... - S9

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Curious Case of the Disappearing Assault-Rifles

4,85,111 rifles missing in Maharashtra?
..."the 1.63-lakh-strong state police force has the luxury of at least three INSAS rifles for every policeman. It gets even more inexplicable. According to the chart, these 4,85,111 rifles were procured at Rs 33.93 lakh. This amounts to Rs 6.99 a rifle. When Hindustan Times contacted senior police officials to find out exactly where this abundant cache of rifles was deployed, the mystery deepened. “We have only 1,430 INSAS rifles,” said Director-General of Police (DGP) S.S. Virk. What about the remaining 4,83,681 rifles?. Virk said there seemed to be an error"...
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These INSAS rifles are interesting. The design features suggest a combination of AK, Galil and FN/FAL rifles all rolled into one...S9

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Video Embed: Turncoat 89'-The Origins of Semi-Automatic Injustice

After a ton of stumbling about, finally have this embedded to the sidebar for your edification, so those that missed the original post can now check it out...Knowledge is Power, so increase both here...S9