Thursday, July 2, 2009

Curious Case of the Disappearing Assault-Rifles

4,85,111 rifles missing in Maharashtra?
..."the 1.63-lakh-strong state police force has the luxury of at least three INSAS rifles for every policeman. It gets even more inexplicable. According to the chart, these 4,85,111 rifles were procured at Rs 33.93 lakh. This amounts to Rs 6.99 a rifle. When Hindustan Times contacted senior police officials to find out exactly where this abundant cache of rifles was deployed, the mystery deepened. “We have only 1,430 INSAS rifles,” said Director-General of Police (DGP) S.S. Virk. What about the remaining 4,83,681 rifles?. Virk said there seemed to be an error"...
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These INSAS rifles are interesting. The design features suggest a combination of AK, Galil and FN/FAL rifles all rolled into one...S9

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