Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where only Cops have Guns, it's called a Police State...

Notice that the Cops & legal CCW holders are portrayed as the "problem", not predatory criminals(!). This is what happens in crime ridden locales where the Gov & police Bigwigs, that are abject failures too lazy to lean on the criminals, are in charge, and these are mere handguns, not semi-automatic long guns. The local terrorists have plenty of real full-automatic machineguns, but are fond of beheading unarmed civilians over there. So what this obviously means is that the local population are untrustworthy with firearms, be it police, criminals, terrorists or civilians, right?...NRA & CCW proponents: Can you see the handwriting on the wall?...S9
PNP bans tucking of gun on waist
The Philippine National Police (PNP) will no longer allow policemen and civilians from tucking their handguns on their waist, threatening harsh penalties to those who would dare violate the new policy. The move is not only meant for the security of careless gun owners who might hit their sensitive part while hiding the guns on their waist but more for the protection of civilians from the abuses of those who own firearms. Director General Jesus Verzosa, PNP chief, said even those who try to find excuse by using holsters will not be spared, stressing that the rule is that only policemen in proper uniform will be allowed to do so while civilian gun owners are totally prohibited from displaying their firearms in public based on the policy stated on the issuance of permit to carry firearms outside residence (PTCFOR). “We will issue appropriate circular to our personnel that would prohibit that when they are not in uniform. For civilian gun owners, we will specify on the provision under the PTCFOR that hiding or putting their guns on the waist will also be prohibited,” said Verzosa. “All of those firearms should be kept and carried by using handbags or clutch bags,” he stressed. *(Making them easy items for a snatch 7 grab by street criminals, and harder to present in an emergency!-S9)*
What they are trying to prevent, Verzosa stressed, are cases wherein both erring policemen and civilian gun owners are using the privilege given to them to carry firearms to commit abuses on unarmed civilians. He cited a recent case in Quezon City wherein a ranking official of the AMA University was caught in a television video footage attacking a gasoline station attendant with a .45 pistol tucked on his waist. (So everyone has to be punished because one person screwed up? Typical tyranny in action! - S9) “It is unfortunate that there are cases wherein the guns are being used to scare other people, commit abuses and other violations of the law,” said Verzosa. For the PNP personnel, Verzosa said they will issue the guideline on no-gun-on-waist policy any time next week and as for civilian gun owners, he said the policy is now being ironed out at the level of the Firearms and Explosive Division of the PNP. “Policemen who will be caught with a handgun on their waist or displaying it to the public while in civilian clothes will be charged administratively for grave offenses. For civilians it will be revocation of license and the permit to carry,”...
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