Monday, July 6, 2009

Israel agrees to delivery of assault rifles

Israel agrees delivery of assault rifles to Palestinians
Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has authorized the delivery of a thousand Kalashnikov assault rifles to the security forces of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA)
. The Jerusalem Post said, citing defense officials, the shipment from an identified supplier is currently being examined by ballistic experts in Israel to enable the Israeli authorities to track the weapons and prevent their use in potential terrorist attacks. "This is the second major transfer of weapons to the Palestinians approved by Israel in the past year. Fifty BTR-70 armored vehicles, donated by Russia are currently waiting in Jordan for final checks before being transferred to the PNA," the paper said...The U.S. has helped to train four Palestinian security battalions, totaling over 2,000 soldiers...
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For the record, these are true selective fire (machineguns/full-automatic capable) "assault rifles", NOT the semi-automatic look-alike versions demonized as "AK-47's" in the USA by the lying mind-control propagandist gun confiscation anti-2nd Amendment degenerate tyrannical forces of evil...

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