Monday, January 9, 2012

SIG "Adaptable Carbine Platform" (Video)

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Men arrested with 30 altered AK-47 Rifles in vehicle (Afganistan)

Terrorists brandish AK's
Two British private security contractors and two of their Afghan colleagues have been arrested by police in Kabul and told to close their company after 30 AK-47 rifles were found in their car boot...
All had their serial numbers scratched off and the men had no permits for them...
President Karzai has ordered all mercenary firms operating in the country to shut down by March, to be replaced by a government-run force.
Full story at Morning Star UK
Story slings about the term "Mercenaries" (Which they are NOT) for these Private Security Contractors, not even trying to hide their sensationalist bias. True "Mercenaries" are "Soldiers for hire", who play offense against the enemy. Private Security Contractors play only defense against the enemy (In the Middle East). Huge difference. Only the stupid, gullible or those with an agenda confuse the two.  As for these fellows being caught with serial number "sanitized" Kalashnikovs on them. Who knows, but clearly someone F'd up. I will say that it is nothing unusual about Spy Agencies issuing sanitized weapons for special operations (along with sanitized uniforms, equipment, etc) to ensure "plausible deniability" if something goes sideways and some people get killed and the body is unable to be extracted with the team. It is unclear if this was the case here. These people are in for a living hell, as Afgan jails are extremely unpleasant places to be...(S9)

For local departments, assault rifles keep them prepared for the worst

Local law-enforcement officers are often allowed to purchase assault guns that civilians cannot, but only for on-duty use and under department approval, police officials said.
Orange County police officials say the overall increased use of assault weapons by local agencies was an outgrowth of the North Hollywood bank shootout in 1997, when two heavily armed and armored bank robbers stood off dozens of Los Angeles officers in a 45-minute gunbattle. The robbers were eventually killed, but 11 officers and six civilians were injured..."Departments, ours included, started looking at ways to provide first-responders adequate firepower in cases like this," Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said. "We went through a long process of evaluating weaponry.
Bertagna said that while the department's SWAT team carries multiple high-powered weapons, it doesn't work around the clock, and it can sometimes take a while to arrive.
Certain officers were selected to carry AR-15-style rifles, based on experience and training..."The weapon is not to be purchased for sale, transfer or personal use," he said. "They are basically buying the weapon for use when they are working here."....
Full story at Orange County Register
The writer of this piece (of doggerel) clearly does not know much about firearms, and slings around terms for these firearms from both the anti-gun nuts favorite fantasy playbook ("assault weapons") to the more correct "AR-15 Style rifles". The piece covers the highly restricted rules several Southern California Police departments employ for officers carrying semi-auto rifles that are banned for regular citizens under the ridiculous, arbitrary and unconstitutional California gun laws. It is ironic that these semi-autos are treated as if they were full automatics ("machine guns"), that officers are not allowed to use the rifles for "personal use", and when retired, must either destroy the firearm or take it out of California (or risk being arrested themselves). This LAPD "Urban Police Rifle Cadre" is similar to the U.S. Army's "Designated Marksman" program. In California, even the Police are not trusted with guns, even simple, commonplace semi-autos that are hardly given a glance in most other "Free" States, are seen as "Evil Guns" there. Notice how high the crime rate is in California compared to other States. This is not an accident, and their anti-gun attitude is a direct reason for it...Fools...(S9)

Man arrested for possessing paintball "assault rifles" (Kuala Lumpur)

An engineer who carried two “assault rifles” into his hotel room was nabbed when alarmed guests alerted the authorities.
A police party stormed the room at the four-star hotel before arresting the 34-year-old man at about 10.30pm on Thursday.
He did not put up any resistance and claimed that the “weapons” were bought from the United States to be used in paintball activities.
City deputy police chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Amar Singh said the rifles a Tiberius T9.1 and a Milsig K-series had the “same feel and weight” as real assault rifles.
He said checks revealed that the man did not have a permit to possess such weapons.
“With slight modifications, the weapons could be made to fire projectiles such as metal ball bearings, which could cause serious injuries...
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The Engineer was obviously not too bright, carrying the paintball guns openly in a hotel was asking to cause a panic and put the finger on himself. He assumed since the paintball guns cannot fire cartridge ammunition, they must be OK to possess. He didn't do his research of local weapons laws, a bad mistake. This country is a Police State and prefers it's population to be unarmed sheep, so of course even "fake" guns are a "threat".  Speaking of Fascism, notice the Police used the same "scare tactics" common with US anti-gun nuts. When they found they were merely paintball guns, they immediately went to what they "MIGHT be able to do" if modified (which is against the law also, and admittedly still less-lethal compared to cartridge ammunition), rather than what they in fact CAN do (fire non-lethal paintballs).  Diversionary fantasy designed to scare the ignorant and justify the arrest. Liberty vs. Tyranny is a moot point in such Police State societies...(S9)

Army issues tender for multirole assault rifles (India)

Troops with INSAS rifles
Seeking to boost the firepower of troops to undertake conventional and counter-insurgency operations, the Army has issued a tender for procuring over 60,000 multi-role assault rifles. In the global Request for Proposal (RFP) issued to 34 vendors, the Army has stated requirement for a gun which has two barrels that can be used in different types of operations, army sources said here. For counter-insurgency operations, we want the guns to be equipped with barrels of 7.62mm calibre bullets, and for conventional warfare, we want the gun to fire 5.56mm bullets, they said. The multi-role assault rifles are being procured to replace the existing INSAS series of rifles from the Infantry battalions, they said....
Full story found HERE
Sounds like Indian Army wants to have it's cake and eat it too. It remains to be seen if the imaginary "super assault rifle" will see the light of reality...(S9)