Monday, January 9, 2012

Men arrested with 30 altered AK-47 Rifles in vehicle (Afganistan)

Terrorists brandish AK's
Two British private security contractors and two of their Afghan colleagues have been arrested by police in Kabul and told to close their company after 30 AK-47 rifles were found in their car boot...
All had their serial numbers scratched off and the men had no permits for them...
President Karzai has ordered all mercenary firms operating in the country to shut down by March, to be replaced by a government-run force.
Full story at Morning Star UK
Story slings about the term "Mercenaries" (Which they are NOT) for these Private Security Contractors, not even trying to hide their sensationalist bias. True "Mercenaries" are "Soldiers for hire", who play offense against the enemy. Private Security Contractors play only defense against the enemy (In the Middle East). Huge difference. Only the stupid, gullible or those with an agenda confuse the two.  As for these fellows being caught with serial number "sanitized" Kalashnikovs on them. Who knows, but clearly someone F'd up. I will say that it is nothing unusual about Spy Agencies issuing sanitized weapons for special operations (along with sanitized uniforms, equipment, etc) to ensure "plausible deniability" if something goes sideways and some people get killed and the body is unable to be extracted with the team. It is unclear if this was the case here. These people are in for a living hell, as Afgan jails are extremely unpleasant places to be...(S9)

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