Monday, January 9, 2012

Man arrested for possessing paintball "assault rifles" (Kuala Lumpur)

An engineer who carried two “assault rifles” into his hotel room was nabbed when alarmed guests alerted the authorities.
A police party stormed the room at the four-star hotel before arresting the 34-year-old man at about 10.30pm on Thursday.
He did not put up any resistance and claimed that the “weapons” were bought from the United States to be used in paintball activities.
City deputy police chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Amar Singh said the rifles a Tiberius T9.1 and a Milsig K-series had the “same feel and weight” as real assault rifles.
He said checks revealed that the man did not have a permit to possess such weapons.
“With slight modifications, the weapons could be made to fire projectiles such as metal ball bearings, which could cause serious injuries...
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The Engineer was obviously not too bright, carrying the paintball guns openly in a hotel was asking to cause a panic and put the finger on himself. He assumed since the paintball guns cannot fire cartridge ammunition, they must be OK to possess. He didn't do his research of local weapons laws, a bad mistake. This country is a Police State and prefers it's population to be unarmed sheep, so of course even "fake" guns are a "threat".  Speaking of Fascism, notice the Police used the same "scare tactics" common with US anti-gun nuts. When they found they were merely paintball guns, they immediately went to what they "MIGHT be able to do" if modified (which is against the law also, and admittedly still less-lethal compared to cartridge ammunition), rather than what they in fact CAN do (fire non-lethal paintballs).  Diversionary fantasy designed to scare the ignorant and justify the arrest. Liberty vs. Tyranny is a moot point in such Police State societies...(S9)

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