Sunday, June 30, 2013

AR-15s Dramatically Drop In Price (Opinion - By K. Tate)

*A "Rack in Black" Rifles*
 I personally am skeptical to embrace this 100%, but is an observation nonetheless... (S9)
During Congress’s recent debate over gun control, gun enthusiasts around the country rushed to purchase AR-15s. Many people were maxing out their credit cards to get their hands on the rifle, on fears that it would soon be banned.
If you were one of those folks, you may soon regret spending so much money on the firearm — the market for the AR-15 has bottomed out. Currently, the average price of an AR-15 is $800-$1,000. That’s way down from the gun’s all-time high value of $2,500...There is still a problem, however. Once you buy your rifle, you may have trouble loading it. Ammunition is scarce...
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Faulty Logic of Magazine Capacity Limits (MAC Blog)

*100 round experimental AK mag*
Author "Matt" wrote this excellent essay focusing on magazine capacity myths. If I have any complaint, it is his roving use (misuse) of  ammunition nomenclature ("Bullets" are just one of 4 components of fixed ammunition, the one that exits the weapon toward the target. A Firearm magazine carries cartridges, calling them "bullets" is technically incorrect, even though still used by the uninformed or as slang by the informed). Still, this is a not to be missed essay worth the time to put in your toolbox - (S9)

First, let me clarify, what they are trying to ban are not really “high capacity” magazines, they are standard capacity.  When a gun is designed to accept a detachable magazine, it is designed in a manner to accept a magazine capable of holding a certain number of rounds. Just because that number is higher than the number of digits one has on their hands does not make it “high capacity”. Secondly, the capacity of the magazine has absolutely nothing to do with the lethality of a firearm.  The lethality of a firearm is determined by the caliber of the weapon and the ballistics that results from the combination of the ammunition used and the barrel length; not by the number of bullets the gun has in it...
See full essay and videos at the Military Arms Channel

(Videos) California Tyranny: Capitol Crackpots - War and Rumours of War

*A few CA Freedom Fighters that refuse to turn tail and run*
State Capitol Crackpots: These videos show the kind of stupidity, maliciousness, ignorance, and political grandstanding California gun owners are up against. Note how casually they brag about seeking to ban every firearm in the state, while complaining that gun owners are "too smart" and "get around" the Hitlerian/Stalinesque dictates they have fascistically imposed over the years, when in fact gun owners have merely tried to comply with the inane rules they have unconstitutionally forced upon us. They are, in effect, admitting how stupid they really are when it comes to firearms(!). The lies, misrepresentation, arrogance and egotism is off the charts with these sinister psychotic emotionalist manipulators that befoul the seats of government in Sacramento. They lie and demagogue without fear because they know their Media Running dogs are in their pockets, the corruption money is flowing from New York Mayor Bloomberg into their personal bank accounts, and they know they can shout down any opposing pro-gun voices with impunity. Tyrants under any definition that fits, and craven cowards, too gutless to fight actual violent crime, but loudmouthed bullying blowhards when threatening law-abiding firearms owners with prison. They stink. (P.S.: Every uniformed "Police" representative who let themselves be used as a potted plant, standing behind these turncoats in their photo op, should turn in their badges for being the Oath Breakers they swore to the Constitution, with the lying insectoid "legislators" on stage in front of them to follow). Gun owners: If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Tyranny is already here, do not wait until it has crossed the point of no return to act. You may not survive the outcome in the future, for being lazy sods now!... (S9) 

Link to part one is here:

Part 2 here:

Friday, June 21, 2013

(Video) California Tyranny: Their Mad Dream of Gun Confiscation Terror continues...

First it is "Those people". Next it expands to YOU. Then it expands to ALL in the group to be oppressed. Such is the slippery slope in California to confiscate all firearms, and make no mistake about it, that is the goal. There is no reason for a list except to Tax em', Take em'; Criminalize you and/or Murder you under color of authority if you dare to resist...(S9)
There is no greater Tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the Shield of Law and in the name of Justice" - Montesquien...


Friday, June 14, 2013

California Tyranny: "Intolerable Acts" to crush law-abiding gun-owners - instant Felons and Terrorists at the stroke of a pen

*This graphic is even more on point now, Eh?*
That's right, Kids. Fuhrer Bloomberg is issuing orders to his traitorous toadies in the several states, and they are clicking heels, saluting and following orders like the spineless cowards they are.  California Gun-Hating Politicians want to BAN ALL SEMIAUTO's (Because Gun owners are "too smart"), and force you to convert all your weapons into single shots or go to Prison!. They want to "expand" (and I warned you all about this already, now here it comes) the categories of misdemeanor crimes to be treated as felonies (A'la Lautenberg) and bar you from owning any guns for at least 10 years!. And this, Friends, is just the tip of the iceberg, read on and see what is in store for California, and eventually the whole USA if these meddling, evil, malicious, hateful fools get what they want, a registry and crippling gun owners into a de facto total BAN (notice the contradictory laws, most obvious being the magazine issue, it is already illegal to own over 10 round mags, now they want to ban anything that "may" hold over 10 rounds, which is nearly all mags, as 99% have been converted with a block in the mag limiting it to 10 rounds, but still are in the case for a normal capacity magazine. I don't care where you live, email the Governor and tell him "not more new restrictions on gun-owners". Don''t wait until you get hit with these "Intolerable Acts" even worse than NY, CO, Conn, Maryland, etc!!!. Read on, and see the horrors that would have made Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc salivate with joy! (Seig...). Get your barf-bag ready however, this will sicken you... (S9)
California State Senator Tom Berryhill (who represents a far-flung conservative district up in the lightly-populated Sierras) recently sent an e-mail with a depressingly long list of pending Democrat-sponsored gun legislation in People's Republic of California:
Senate Bill (S.B.) 47 (Yee, D-San Francisco) Changes the definition of “assault weapon” to include a firearm which is a semiautomatic, centerfire rifle or semiautomatic pistol that does not have a detachable magazine.
S.B. 53 (DeLeon, D-Los Angeles) Dubbed the “ammo purchase permit bill”, this legislation creates new state permits that require background checks for buyers of ammunition.
S.B. 108 (Yee, D-SF) Requires ‘safe’ storage of firearms and lays out penalties for failure to store them properly. A one-sized fits all approach to safe storage is impractical and does not take into account the wide variety of people that own and safely store their firearms.
S.B. 374 (Steinberg, D-Sacramento) Ban on the sale of all semi-auto rifles, this bill would ban rimfire and centerfire semi-auto rifles with detachable magazines with fixed magazines over ten rounds.
S.B. No. 396 (Hancock, D-Berkeley) Ban all magazines that hold more than ten rounds, regardless of the date acquired. A violation is punishable by imprisonment in a county jail.
S.B. 293 (DeSaulnier, D-Concord) Proposes any pistol or handgun sold in California to eventually be equipped with owner recognition technology.
S.B. 299 (DeSaulnier, D-Concord) Requires a 48 hour turnaround from a firearm owner discovering a firearm missing and reporting it (theft, loss or recovery) to local law enforcement. Failure to comply can result in fines and prison time.
S.B. 475 (Leno, D-San Francisco) Sets up additional hurdles for the Cow Palace to contract for a ‘gun show’ or other event at which a firearm or ammunition is going to be sold on the property.
S.B. 567 (Jackson, D-Santa Barbara) Changes the definition of certain kinds of “shotguns” to make them assault weapons.
S.B. No. 755 (Wolk D-Davis) This bill adds a number of crimes – including drug addiction, chronic alcoholism and others – that would result in a 10-year ban on gun ownership.
S.B. No. 683 (Block, D-San Diego) Requires all gun buyers to take a firearm safety class and earn a safety certificate.
Assembly Bill 48 (Skinner, D-Berkeley) Revises the definition of “large-capacity magazine” to mean any ammunition feeding device with the capacity to accept more than ten rounds.
Assembly Bill 169 (Dickinson, D-Sacramento) BANS the sale of handguns not on the state-approved roster – this would include banning the sale of millions of old and used handguns currently owned by Californians by dealers and private party transfers.
Assembly Bill 180 (Bonta, D-Oakland) Repeals California’s firearm preemption law by granting Oakland an exemption to enact unique laws regarding possession, registration, licensing and subjecting gun owners to unknowing criminal liability when traveling through Oakland.
Assembly Bill 231 (Ting, D-San Francisco) expands the law for Criminal Storage of Firearms and child access placing unprecedented liability on gun owners.
Assembly Bill 711 (Rendon, D-Lakewood) BANS the use of all lead ammunition for hunting.
Assembly Bill 760 (Dickinson, D-Sacramento) Tax on ammunition.

With a deeply entrenched Democrat majority now controlling the state senate, the state assembly, and the governorship, California seems doomed...

Story from HERE at Survival...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

AR-15 Pattern remains: Army closes carbine trials without a winner chosen

*US Army dog-face with M4 in combat zone*
In lieu of a new competition for an IC, the Army will continue fielding and equipping Soldiers with the M4A1 carbine, which consistently performs well and has received high marks from Soldiers...Based upon Army analysis, test results may have been affected by interaction between the ammunition, the magazine and the weapon. The Army’s existing carbine requirement assumed use of the M855 ammunition; the weapons tested in the IC competition all fired the next generation M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round (EPR) currently in fielding.  The use of the M855A1 round likely resulted in lower than expected reliability performance...
Full report HERE at Strike-Hold

Monday, June 10, 2013

Chi-Com SWAT use AR-15 Clone: Norinco CQ-A

*Leopards use mag-well grip style*

Norinco copied the M4 style AR even down to the finger rest on the grip, the 5.56mm chambering, and the stepped down barrel, something they do not "need" for the purpose this weapon is being deployed, general SWAT style duties. I also notice they are using their own (rather large) brand of optics, similar to what I have seen used on "Dragunov" marksman rifles. What does it say when they abandon the AK platform for the AR platform when it comes to their Police special ops troops(?). It can't be just for looks... (S9)
images were taken from a Chinese TV program about the Snow Leopard Commando Unit (SLCU, 雪豹突击队) training program. The Snow Leopards are a special police unit officially known as 3rd Group, 13th Detachment, People’s Armed Police Beijing General Corp. ...The Norinco CQ-A, also known as the Norinco CQ 5.56mm Type A, is Norinco’s M4A1 clone....
Story is at TFB, linked HERE

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Police State Jordan: Confiscation of "Automatic Weapons", Carry restrictions, "Gun-Free Zone" Clampdown By Interior Ministry

The Jordanians, influenced by British traditions, are making the same mistakes the English did during the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland: Using anti-gun laws against their IRA enemies which eventually backfired upon their own people. In this case, the unspoken enemies causing trouble in Jordan are the "Palestinian" terrorists in their midst's. Look for increased attacks and shootouts between the Security Forces and terrorists if they implement all of these proposals, and the biggest losers will be the Jordanian civilians who will pay for this idiocy by being killed in the cross-fire and murdered at will as unarmed victims, just as it was in the UK. "Gun Free" zones will likely be the main areas for violence, as we know in the USA, they are a Utopian joke, attracting violence rather than preventing it.  Make no mistake, the people drafting this within the Interior Ministry, are being directly influenced ($$$?) via the UN by "NGO" anti-gun groups in the UK and USA...(S9)
AMMAN: The Jordanian government is drafting a new law on firearms and ammunition that further restricts the acquisition of automatic weapons, a government spokesman has said...Spokesman Mohammed Momani said the government will move to have the bill enacted by parliament as soon as possible...owners of automatic arms of any kind must hand over their weapons to police in return for “fair compensation,” according to Momani. Violators risk punitive measures if they fail to report to the nearest police station. Police said those involved in the violence were found carrying over 60 firearms, the majority of which were automatic is meant to limit citizens from carrying weapons of all types, with exceptions made for security and military personnel...also includes a ban on weapons being carried during official or public celebrations, including protests, weddings and funerals...this law will apply to any gathering of 10 or more people. After a recommendation from the interior minister, the council of minister will have the power of law to designate certain areas of the country as “arms-free zones,”...
Full story HERE