Saturday, June 22, 2013

(Videos) California Tyranny: Capitol Crackpots - War and Rumours of War

*A few CA Freedom Fighters that refuse to turn tail and run*
State Capitol Crackpots: These videos show the kind of stupidity, maliciousness, ignorance, and political grandstanding California gun owners are up against. Note how casually they brag about seeking to ban every firearm in the state, while complaining that gun owners are "too smart" and "get around" the Hitlerian/Stalinesque dictates they have fascistically imposed over the years, when in fact gun owners have merely tried to comply with the inane rules they have unconstitutionally forced upon us. They are, in effect, admitting how stupid they really are when it comes to firearms(!). The lies, misrepresentation, arrogance and egotism is off the charts with these sinister psychotic emotionalist manipulators that befoul the seats of government in Sacramento. They lie and demagogue without fear because they know their Media Running dogs are in their pockets, the corruption money is flowing from New York Mayor Bloomberg into their personal bank accounts, and they know they can shout down any opposing pro-gun voices with impunity. Tyrants under any definition that fits, and craven cowards, too gutless to fight actual violent crime, but loudmouthed bullying blowhards when threatening law-abiding firearms owners with prison. They stink. (P.S.: Every uniformed "Police" representative who let themselves be used as a potted plant, standing behind these turncoats in their photo op, should turn in their badges for being the Oath Breakers they swore to the Constitution, with the lying insectoid "legislators" on stage in front of them to follow). Gun owners: If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Tyranny is already here, do not wait until it has crossed the point of no return to act. You may not survive the outcome in the future, for being lazy sods now!... (S9) 

Link to part one is here:

Part 2 here:

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