Sunday, June 2, 2013

Police State Jordan: Confiscation of "Automatic Weapons", Carry restrictions, "Gun-Free Zone" Clampdown By Interior Ministry

The Jordanians, influenced by British traditions, are making the same mistakes the English did during the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland: Using anti-gun laws against their IRA enemies which eventually backfired upon their own people. In this case, the unspoken enemies causing trouble in Jordan are the "Palestinian" terrorists in their midst's. Look for increased attacks and shootouts between the Security Forces and terrorists if they implement all of these proposals, and the biggest losers will be the Jordanian civilians who will pay for this idiocy by being killed in the cross-fire and murdered at will as unarmed victims, just as it was in the UK. "Gun Free" zones will likely be the main areas for violence, as we know in the USA, they are a Utopian joke, attracting violence rather than preventing it.  Make no mistake, the people drafting this within the Interior Ministry, are being directly influenced ($$$?) via the UN by "NGO" anti-gun groups in the UK and USA...(S9)
AMMAN: The Jordanian government is drafting a new law on firearms and ammunition that further restricts the acquisition of automatic weapons, a government spokesman has said...Spokesman Mohammed Momani said the government will move to have the bill enacted by parliament as soon as possible...owners of automatic arms of any kind must hand over their weapons to police in return for “fair compensation,” according to Momani. Violators risk punitive measures if they fail to report to the nearest police station. Police said those involved in the violence were found carrying over 60 firearms, the majority of which were automatic is meant to limit citizens from carrying weapons of all types, with exceptions made for security and military personnel...also includes a ban on weapons being carried during official or public celebrations, including protests, weddings and funerals...this law will apply to any gathering of 10 or more people. After a recommendation from the interior minister, the council of minister will have the power of law to designate certain areas of the country as “arms-free zones,”...
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