Thursday, May 23, 2013

Author:"Efforts to Ban the AR-15 are Hopeless"

Author Baum is more a compromiser, rather than an outright Quisling. Although I can not agree with all his points, he does make a few reasonable arguments. The problem is those fanatical gun-paranoids who seek to use state power to crush law-abiding gun-owners (rather than violent criminals who misuse guns) that need to hear his message but are deaf to it, while the "Gunnies", being logical to begin with, can see where he is attempting to go, but have no confidence their sworn enemies will ever be reasonable enough to deal with: and for good reason (See what is happening in California, Illinois, New York, Connecticut, and Colorado, for example. Only a fool or evil charlatan can claim that there is no movement to confiscate and ban guns, much less criminalize their innocent law-abiding owners!)... (S9)
the movement to vilify and ban the AR-15 demonstrates outdated thinking about gun violence. “When it comes to crime, the AR-15’s significance is mainly symbolic.” (The AR-15 accounts for fewer than 3 percent of all murders, while the figure for handguns is 50 percent, he reports.) “The smart question is not ‘How we can ban more guns?’ ” ... “but ‘How can we live more safely among the millions of guns already floating around?’ ” One way to do this, he suggests, is for gun control-advocates to begin treating gun owners as allies, since gun owners have the power to keep weapons from getting into the wrong hands...“To be a gun owner in a democracy is a sacred trust,” he writes. “We who choose to own firearms have a responsibility to our fellow citizens to be better custodians of our guns — and better guardians of public safety.”...
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