Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Faulty Logic of Magazine Capacity Limits (MAC Blog)

*100 round experimental AK mag*
Author "Matt" wrote this excellent essay focusing on magazine capacity myths. If I have any complaint, it is his roving use (misuse) of  ammunition nomenclature ("Bullets" are just one of 4 components of fixed ammunition, the one that exits the weapon toward the target. A Firearm magazine carries cartridges, calling them "bullets" is technically incorrect, even though still used by the uninformed or as slang by the informed). Still, this is a not to be missed essay worth the time to put in your toolbox - (S9)

First, let me clarify, what they are trying to ban are not really “high capacity” magazines, they are standard capacity.  When a gun is designed to accept a detachable magazine, it is designed in a manner to accept a magazine capable of holding a certain number of rounds. Just because that number is higher than the number of digits one has on their hands does not make it “high capacity”. Secondly, the capacity of the magazine has absolutely nothing to do with the lethality of a firearm.  The lethality of a firearm is determined by the caliber of the weapon and the ballistics that results from the combination of the ammunition used and the barrel length; not by the number of bullets the gun has in it...
See full essay and videos at the Military Arms Channel

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