Sunday, February 13, 2011

Man accused of killing 4 during stabbing rampage across NYC

Lethal "Assault Weapon"
Maksim Gelman was awaiting arraignment in Brooklyn on charges that he hacked three people to death, then stalked the city for more than a day, attacking innocent strangers, hijacking vehicles and killing a pedestrian with a car...He was scheduled to be arraigned sometime in the evening, or possibly Monday morning, on charges including four counts of murder, one count of attempted murder and other offenses including robbery and assault...Gelman was known to be a troublemaker and has a criminal history, but the arrests were mostly non-violent, for criminal possession of a controlled substance, criminal mischief or graffiti, though some of his arrest records were sealed...
---Full Report at The Sentinel---Also find similar story from New Jersey (another anti-gun State) here
The sad fact is that due to the predominant anti-gun bias in the media, this killing spree has to be notable because the murderer did NOT use a firearm (and still managed to kill 4 and wound many more in the process with his "assault weapons": Knives and vehicles, no firearms needed). Notice that the media reports are just the opposite in tone from when a killer misuses a firearm. Don't think this is accidental by any means, and don't expect calls for knife and car bans by the usual suspects either, since it is much easier to demonize firearms than kitchen knives... (S9)

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