Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Swiss Gun Ban/Militia Supression "Initiative" Vote Looms

The initiative was launched by an alliance of more than 70 NGOs and is backed by centre-left political parties.
It aims to introduce a strict licensing system for the use of firearms and seeks a ban on the purchase of automatic weapons and pump action shotguns. 
It also demands the creation of a central register for firearms, instead of a cantonal system.
Members of the militia army could no longer store their army-issue guns at home but would have to take them to an arsenal.
Centre-left and some centre-right parties are backing the initiative, while a majority in parliament as well as the government have come out against.  Swiss voters will have the final say on the issue on February 13.
---Full Story at SwissInfo ---
While in the USA, lawful gun-owners are called "paranoid" and "kooks" when pointing to an international gun ban conspiracy (See Books by Wayne LaPierre on the subject), and the public is encouraged to believe this fiction and ridicule gun owners through media "mind control" propaganda and the big cash of millionaires like George Soros & Michael Bloomberg, and "NGO's" fueling the constituency they don't have in reality. Yet anyone with open eyes can see and connect the dots. The aforementioned gun ban in Belgium, the latest anti-gun moves in the USA, and now this so-called "initiative" striking at the very heart of the Swiss, none of this is accidental or coincidental. This is a classic totalitarian Bully-Boy tactic: Show the rest you can take down the big boy and they will fall in line with little resistance. Don't be a victim...Don't be fooled and browbeaten into giving up your rights!!...(S9)

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