Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Terror Tots Tote AK-47's in Propaganda Ploy

Al-Qaeda's sickening propaganda stunt uses infants, children
A tiny girl aged barely two sucks her fingers in childish innocence while grasping an AK-47 assault rifle almost as big as her.
The tot, in full Muslim dress, was made to pose with the weapon dubbed the "Widowmaker" as part of a sickening propaganda stunt staged by extremists of the Islamic Jihad Union, linked to al-Qaeda...which targets British and US troops...also pictured the girl and five other toddlers with heavy weapons in front of a black Islamic flag...Tory MP and former soldier Patrick Mercer said, "This is a most immoral use of young children."...
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While western political fools wage war against simple semi-automatics for their people, we still have too many that refuse to see these Jihadist fanatics are out for nothing less than world domination! They are proudly & openly training with actual full-automatic machineguns, brainwashing the future terrorists that will be murdering your grandchildren if given the chance!....(S9)

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