Thursday, December 17, 2009

WA Political Hacks seek ban on sales of semi-automatic firearms

In response to recent shooting deaths, three state lawmakers say they want to ban the sale of military-style semi-automatic weapons in Washington...
The legislation, called the Aaron Sullivan Public Safety and Police Protection Bill, would prohibit the sale of such weapons to private citizens and require current owners to pass background checks.
It is named for Aaron Sullivan, 18, who was fatally shot last July in Seattle's Leschi neighborhood, allegedly with an assault-style weapon.
Supporters say they also are motivated by the Oct. 31 slaying of Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton and the wounding of his partner. Police believe a .223-caliber semi-automatic rifle was used then.
The bill is backed by Seattle's police department, spokeswoman Renee Witt said. Also pushing it is Washington Ceasefire, a nonprofit that seeks to reduce gun violence. The group plans a news conference today to announce the proposal.
The lawmakers who plan to sponsor the bill are Rep. Ross Hunter, D-Medina; Sen. Adam Kline, D-Seattle; and Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, D-Seattle.
The ban would cover semiautomatics designed for military use that are capable of rapid-fire and can hold more than 10 rounds. Semiautomatics designed for sporting or hunting purposes wouldn't be banned.
"If they're used in the army, used in the war — that's what this ban is about," said Ralph Fascitelli, the board president of Washington Ceasefire.
Dave Workman, senior editor of Gun Week, a publication of the Second Amendment Foundation in Bellevue, said such a ban would punish law-abiding citizens who own such guns. "I don't care if my neighbor has a dozen of the things; ... as long as he's not hurting anyone or breaking any laws, leave him alone," Workman said.
He also said he doesn't consider the gun police say was used to kill Brenton an assault rifle....
(Democrat Hunter said)"We don't allow people to own tanks or bazookas or machine guns, and very few people think that that's an unreasonable restriction"...Kohl-Welles said...she doesn't believe such a ban would violate the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. "Did the framers of our Constitution ever envision something like a semi-automatic weapon?" she asked.
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Here we go again, the same old blatant lies and half-truths invented by haters ignorant about firearms, and intentional propagandists bent on controlling the minds of gullible citizens ripe for emotional manipulation. This entire scheme has been, and continues to be, based in the same kind of mindless hate as Racism: Discrimination against certain firearms based on their outward appearance, and it is just as despicable!!. They are fools that do not know there are indeed people who legally own machine-guns (and never use them in crime), yet lie about semiautos equating them to machineguns (There are no "semiautomatics designed for military use", the military use selective fire full automatics, and they know this). They are the worst kind of liars, Dammed Liars, with a "cure" that will kill many more innocents than they (with their fraudulent arguments, loaded buzzwords, and rhetorical talking points) purport to want to "save". (Also: Any so-called "Police" who support this nonsense should turn in their badges, they are not fit "protect the public" while supporting the crushing of the rights of that same public: They are a disgrace to the profession!). These Political anti-gun manipulators are indeed the forces of evil and like all tyrants, must be fought against by the ministers of truth and justice!!...(S9)

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