Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Police to get semi-automatic rifles amid complaints by some

The El Paso Police Department is getting more fire power, in the form of semi-automatic weapons...Right now, officers are equipped with pistols and shotguns. Now, each officer will be assigned an M-4 semi-automatic rifle...Chief Allen said every officer will receive a weapon and get extensive training on how to use it. Still, some El Pasoans...said they wouldn't feel safer.
The chief explained to City Council, who approved the purchase of the weapons, that the M-4s would only be used in extreme situations such as a bank robbery or school lockdown where suspects have weapons.
"They'll only be used in those rare instances, hopefully, where the weapon might be needed. It's not going to be something that they'll be walking down the streets with, causing alarm," said Allen.
Although City Council representatives didn't discuss this at today's meeting, but in this weekend's El Paso Inc., representatives mentioned their concern about errant soldiers and even the possible impact of military gangs.
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Badly written and nearly unintelligible, I'm guessing that certain elements in El Paso think that the M4's are going to fall in the hands of "crazed veterans" and "Military Gangs", whatever that heretofore unknown group is. I suppose all the hundreds of Cartel gang murders right across the border in Juarez is perfectly O.K., while their own Police with backup patrol rifles are "intimidating" and "offensive"(?). These rifles are semi-automatics, NOT "machine-guns" like true military M-4's. This reminds me of New York Mayor Dinkins objecting to NYPD upgrading from revolvers to pistols because he thought more "innocent bystanders" would be shot due to the auto-pistols having more than 6 round capacity before reloading. More firearms ignorance combined with stupidity producing "political correctness" that is a danger to the public in more ways than one...S9

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