Wednesday, August 1, 2012

AK-47 Armed Poachers Slaughter, Loot 2 Elephant Cadavers

AK General Purpose Machine-gun
Five poachers armed with AK-47 Assault rifles have gunned down two elephants and hacked off their tusks in Taita Ranch in Taita-Taveta County in Kenya's Coast Province...The killings bring to seven the number of elephants killed at the ranch since the start of the year...A special operations team from Isiolo backed by dozens of rangers and community scouts has launched a massive manhunt for the armed bandits...
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For the record, these "AK-47's" are the real thing (i.e.: fully automatic machine guns, not semi-automatic clones) and likely the larger caliber Squad type weapons, such as the RPD. All these rich Hollywood types who always are going on about saving the animals (the usual suspects) don't have the balls to do what must be done here: Finance crates of effective rifles and ammunition, and a handful of military experts to train these people in proper Cordon & Search/Ranger operation techniques, to exterminate these money hungry poaching scum and discourage others. If there is a "righteous war" to be waged, this is one for damn certain. Save the elephants, Dammit!!. Unfortunately, these types are all talk, tears & timidity, but no action. Filthy rich and not doing the right thing by Africa. Phonies all the way, they disgust me...(S9)

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