Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Sneak" Amendment: Standard Capacity Magazines To Be Banned (I.L.A.)

Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) have proposed an amendment to the "Cybersecurity Act" to ban standard capacity magazines.
The amendment would ban import, possession, and transfer of magazines that accept (or could be readily converted to accept) more than ten rounds and that are manufactured after the enactment of the amendment... This amendment is similar to the ban imposed by the Clinton Administration that expired when the failed semi-auto ban ended in 2004, but more restrictive... Firearms designed to use magazines that hold more than 10 rounds are among the most commonly owned and used self-defense guns today. Millions of such magazines are in circulation amongst law-abiding people. Indeed, they are the overwhelming choice of state and local police departments nationwide, contradicting ban supporters' claim that such magazines are only suitable for use in crime. The amendment provides for fines and up to 10 years in prison for violations. That is double the possible prison term under the 1994-2004 ban...
Full text via ILA is HERE
The way this is written, it would ban not just the mags, but any firearms that accept them, in essence a sweeping gun ban. Here we go again. The usual suspects, such as these two notorious haters of the law-abiding owning firearms, wasted no time dancing in the blood of the dead, taking advantage of the latest "crisis" to push their elitist agenda. What is different this time out are the "Republican" and "Conservatives" who have turned coat and jumped on this bandwagon. In fact, it is no great secret that these individuals have always been hostile to the "little people" exercising firearms rights, they merely let their mask slip a bit. This is a good thing, because their supporters will now see they indeed, as the old saying goes "Speak with Forked Tongue".  Bill "Phone Sex" O' Reilly, ignorant about firearms and the law, shows just how much by going on a shouting confrontation against a pro-rights Politician. Supreme Court Justice Scalia goes public and ends up with foot in mouth. Overseas born media monopolizer Rupert Murdoch comes out of the British Colonial closet demanding "gun controls" (Watch this attitude filter down to the media outlets he controls in short order). Editor Bill Kristol joined in, as did the former Beatnik turned faux conservative (to cash in with a radio show), Michael "Weiner" Savage (who has in the past bragged about owning an AR-15 Rifle) "suddenly" advocates a ban. There are others also. Something evil is on the horizon, Kids...(S9)

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