Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rebuttal:"Your Comment is awaiting Moderation" (Snake9 Bares Fangs)

Snake9 says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

You used the term “semi-automatic assault weapon”. That tells me all I need to know about your orientation. The fact you use such flawed nomenclature shows your ignorance of firearms (and don’t throw that “safety device” jive at me either, it gives you no credibility in light of what you said). You are playing that shopworn game of bait & switch by casting a simple semi-auto firearm as a machine-gun, scaring the gullible by the way a firearm looks (military clone) rather than it’s function (Just like Obama did the other day speaking in front of the anti-gun Urban League, using the “AK-47″ propaganda buzzword. This from the guy who arms murderous Mexican Drug Cartels to justify a gun ban in the USA?). That dynamic is similar to racism, discriminating against someone based on the way they look. No military in the world issues semi-automatic firearms to their troops for combat, none (!). Military firearms are selective fire, hence “machine gun” capable. You may be able to fool the rubes with your talk of “reasoned debate”, but you are not fooling me or any like me. “Reasoned debate” for you means “accept my view without question”. One thing that puts a burr under the saddle of law-abiding gun owners is people who have no knowledge or flawed knowledge about firearms, (have been and) are, hell bent on writing anti-gun “laws”, and beat the drum for firearms prohibition. Literally the least qualified people to do so are the biggest advocates, and firearms “laws” and “bans” reflect that ignorance. Have you heard the story about how a certain politician had her staffers pick up a copy of “Shotgun News” and they went page by page, pointing out rifles they did not like the look of and made a list of them, which later became the rifles to be banned?. The unending attack on semi-auto firearms is a useful scam to frighten the citizens and great for raising your public profile with resultant effect on your career. Diane Feinstien, Bloomberg, Leland Yee, Chuckie Schumer, and let us not forget Clinton; all being examples of fat-cat politicians profiting by beating down legal gun owners while going soft on hardcore criminals. Look at Sacramento, where scores of meddling faux “do-gooders” are wasting time flogging hapless legal gun owners instead of working on real issues, like the budget. Doped up street criminals, gang bangers, and hot heads with poor impulse control are carrying and perpetrating without fear because they know their prey is unable to fight back in self-defense, due to politicians and District Attorney’s that will go after and lock up a law-abiding citizen armed for self defense faster and harder than career criminals like themselves (who revolve in and out of prison regularly and have no fear of it. They just get another “hot gun” when they get out and go back to “work”. Stop investing these goblins with feelings they do not have, such as regard for human life. Righteous Cops know this, the rest of the “Justice” system refuses to believe it due to their utopian worldview. Fact: There are some people that need to be locked away from society to protect it). What you and your ilk are selling is smelling, and I am not the only one who is not buying it. Not everyone out here is as stupid and easily manipulated as you hope we should be…
Via The-Dark-Secret-Place-on-KFI-Los-Angeles
 This is the unedited version, who knows what they may do to this George Carlinesque rant, if it passes muster to be posted at all. "Moderation" here means "Let's reserve the ability to shut that guy up"...(S9)

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