Monday, July 23, 2012

Bastrop police receive Humvee, M-16 rifles from feds

The 1033 Program gave away almost $500 million in leftover military equipment to law enforcement in fiscal year 2011.
Helicopters, military robots and M-16 rifles have been some of the equipment police and sheriff's departments have received. Other equipment includes ambulances and armored personnel carriers that can be used by SWAT teams. Ballistic helmets and vests, NOMEX fire retardant suits, boots, wet and cold-weather clothing, binoculars, radios, camcorders, and TV/VCR combinations used for tactical and intelligence gathering operations have also been doled out under the program.
Blake said the Humvee had a sticker on it that listed its value at $42,500; it has only 5,000 miles on it. That bonanza would be added to the 10 M-16 rifles the department recently acquired through the same program, a value of an additional $12,000.
"The Humvee is ours to use as long as we have a use for it, but it remains the property of the U.S. government," Blake said.
Full article is HERE
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