Friday, July 20, 2012

Theater had Gun Ban Policy, Created Unarmed Victim Zone - Gun Banners Rejoice About Massacre

Cinemark Theaters Was On Notice Their NO GUNS Policy was Gun Free Killing Zone
As far back as 2009 pro gun activists had made Cinemark management aware that their NO Guns Policy was just creating a gun free zone where only the innocent and law-abiding would be unarmed.
Over at, commentator thx997303 also had words with Cinemark about their weapons policy, this time at the corporate level.
I sent an e-mail to Cinemark Corporate to inquire as to their policy on firearms.
I got a call today, from Dan Myers with Cinemark Corporate, and he informed me that Cinemark’s official policy is that ONLY LEO’S CAN CARRY INTO THEIR THEATERS
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 This story is on topic here at SAH, because the cowardly criminal dirtbag misused what the media have been calling an "AR-15" rifle. These narcissistic evil little inbreeds are the worst type of criminal, who care for nothing except themselves on every level, yet the media insist on making these scum "celebrities" time after time. The Media have gone hog-wild, dancing in the blood of the dead to push their standard anti-firearms agenda, spewing the usual hype, misinformation and outright lies they are known for. These type of incidents have happened in Europe also, the fact of which negates the lie that this is somehow peculiar to the USA, which is not being mentioned by our biased media morons. The usual suspects, like the rich fat-cat mayor of NYC, are charging ahead with their propaganda attacks. Do not be surprised if the media, as always, ignores the common thread that links these type of mass murderers: Not firearms, but the use of (legal or illegal) psychoactive drugs...(S9)

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