Sunday, July 22, 2012

Radio: Hate, Lies & Propaganda in Wake of Colorado (Example)

Anybody can buy machine-guns and powerful Glock handguns..."Assault weapons" are readily available...He had a 100 round clip...This is an American phenomenon...The British think we are crazy, they have guns in England to hunt rabbits, not powerful handguns and "Assault Weapons"...NRA Wayne LaPierre wants mentally ill people to have guns, even hand-grenades...
These and other hyperbolic, totally IGNORANT comments were made on a local radio program I was listening to on a road trip back home today (Not a lot of variety on my car radio out there). Steam was coming out of my ears at this claptrap the female host and a "Psychologist" she had on the show were spouting. I predicted this type of hatred and lies would be coming when I posted on Friday. It did not take long to manifest, and the gullible drones calling in were eating this stuff up, mindlessly agreeing that such balderdash was true. As I alluded to before, not once are similar massacres in "Gun-Control Paradises" such as Norway, England, France, Israel, etc ever mentioned by these people.  No,  it always an "American Problem", this is an outright and convenient slam the lying America haters love to propagate to the gullible. Hand Grenades? Really?. They know full well that is an absurd claim, but it is OK to cast NRA as negatively as possible, even when using an outright lie to do so. Who cares what a bunch of royalist Brits think?. They look down on Americans as a reflex. That's why we ran them off when they came for our weapons (Concord, Look it up, gun grabbers). Only an American with the same mindset (i.e. "Elitist") would use such an argument, so that tells you all you need to know about these individuals. Not to mention thousands of British ex-gunowners (That had their firearms illegally confiscated) who are the first to say just the opposite, and on the record, being "allowed" Elmer Fudd guns notwithstanding (Bans are not slowing down the AK-'s Brit street gangs have in quantity, smuggled from the Balkans and Albania!).  No, this is a propaganda war, with lies of omission and commission by the anti-freedom camp, who are permitted to use any underhanded tactic to smear the pro-freedom side, who are hamstrung by sticking to truth and facts. The fight against ignorance continues...(S9)

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